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Booth bits (cont.): on Romney return, Kalani jokes “I think Gunner is feeling a little pressure because Dax is starting to separate himself a little bit more in the stats,” says “Gunner wants to get some catches and help our team out. He just loves playing the game of football.”

Clear skies and cool temperatures can be expected again tonight with high pressure still in place. A cold front will approach the area Sunday, bringing a northerly wind shift by morning. Meanwhile, mariners will encounter favorable marine conditions with light winds and low seas.

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Everett city councilors pressure their first Black female colleague to resign

PSU goes for it on fourth-and-5. Werner brings the late pressure on Clifford, who throws it to no one. Ohio State takes over at the PSU 45, up 7-0 early.

Indiana is one of five states that have fought public pressure to allow all registered voters to cast a ballot by mail. Indiana voters need an excuse to vote absentee, such as being out of town on Election Day.

Government officials called for backdoor access to encryption, and there’s a chance that those working on a privacy-focused coin may also face this sort of pressure. Chat with @nikhileshde  and The State of Crypto readers on @telegram  about #Election2020 .

Opinion: NFL's best rivalry, pressure on Cam Newton and Tua Time will define NFL Week 8 FLn1ipBALu#Sports 

High pressure will bring warm days and cool nights across San Diego this weekend and into next week, the National Weather Service said Saturday.

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Cooler weather, temporary repairs cause low-pressure issues near subdivision in Sorgho. >>>


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Don't ask or pressure girls for nudes, porn is free.

Officially announcing my retirement with the release of “No Pressure” executive produced by No I.D. July 24th... It’s been a great decade. Now it’s time to be a great father. Art by @SamSpratt 

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Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on a great game and a fantastic comeback under immense pressure. We are proud of you and the Great State of Missouri. You are true Champions!

Social distancing bends the curve and relieves some pressure on our heroic medical professionals. But in order to shift off current policies, the key will be a robust system of testing and monitoring – something we have yet to put in place nationwide.

things arent always easy. there is alot of pressure. im figuring it all out. im trying. but i care, i notice, i still hear u. #Beliebers 

Many believe that by the Senate giving credence to a trial based on the no evidence, no crime, read the transcripts, “no pressureImpeachment Hoax, rather than an outright dismissal, it gives the partisan Democrat Witch Hunt credibility that it otherwise does not have. I agree!

I hope Republicans & the American people realize that the totally partisan Impeachment Hoax is exacty that, a Hoax. Read the Transcripts, listen to what the President & Foreign Minister of Ukraine said (“No Pressure”). Nothing will ever satisfy the Do Nothing, Radical Left Dems!

After a ten year search, the so-called “mastermind” of the Mumbai Terror attacks has been arrested in Pakistan. Great pressure has been exerted over the last two years to find him!