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🤔 Jadon Sancho? 🤔 Jack Grealish? 🤔 Kalidou Koulibaly? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was asked about transfers at his press conference today.

“The press, along with the courts and Congress, is one of the last barriers containing (Brazil’s) president. But I’m not sure for how much longer we will be able to resist Mr. Bolsonaro and his followers.” @camposmello ⁩

McEnany Touts TV Ratings Of Trump’s Dumpster Fire Press Briefings As COVID Cases Rise

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Education Minister Adriana LaGrange is holding a press conference with Dr. Deena Hinshaw, chief medical officer of health, at 9 a.m Watch it #COVID1  9 #yyc  #Abpoli  #COVID19 

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Add to the WH Schedule: VP Pence holds a meeting of the Coronavirus Task Force this afternoon. Closed to press. And later, hosts a ceremonial swearing-in for USAF Chief of Staff Gen Charles Brown.

A few days into covering the NHL postseason remotely, I think the experience of which it's most reminiscent is the Summer Olympics. Bouncing from one event to another. Hitting random press conferences during a break. Sports from A.M. to last call. Well, minus the exotic locales.

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#Turkish pension fund vows to press ahead with #investment  plans

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A Nashville restaurant plans to press charges after a woman attending a bachelorette party behaved badly, defied health orders and coughed on an employee, the owner said.

Yes, Paul, that means something. Wonder if Esper is still going to the Aspen Security Forum this week? Press corps should ask.

McEnany: “If you look at [Trump’s] ratings at these coronavirus press briefings, the American people tune in because they want to hear from the President unfiltered.”


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Why didn’t you say something? I did. Why didn’t you push him off? I did. Why didn’t you cuss him out? I did. Why didn’t you tell the police? I did. Why didn’t you press charges? I did. Why did you just let it happen? I didn’t. Why didn’t you beat him up? (Sigh)

Calls to UK Domestic Abuse Helplines have more than doubled since the lockdown. Victims should know that if they are in danger, they can dial 999, then press 55 and remain silent. Police will know that the caller is in danger and cannot speak. Spread this wide.

Although I don't know him personally, I do wish the press would take it easy on @justinbieber  .

#BLACKPINK press conference'>Global Press Conference: [How You Like That] ▶️ 2020.06.26 2PM (KST) on BLACKPINK Youtube channel : 

Biden was asked questions at his so-called Press Conference yesterday where he read the answers from a teleprompter. That means he was given the questions, just like Crooked Hillary. Never have seen this before!

The press secretary'>White House Press Secretary on Trump's push to reopen schools: "The science should not stand in the way of this."

President Trump today at the White House said to me: “Be nice. Don't be threatening.” I’m not the first human being, woman, black person or journalist to be told that while doing a job. My take: Be steady. Stay focused. Remember your purpose. And, always press forward.

Trump soiled the WH Rose Garden with that performance. Presidents do not use the Rose Garden in that kind of naked political fashion. That was not a press conference, as the WH described it. It was a campaign rally disguised as a press conference. It was a bait and switch.

This needs to happen on EVERY lie. It's up to the press to do this EVERY time. Go hard, y'all. On EVERY lie.

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As someone who has had my press credentials denied by authoritarian China, I never thought I'd see this crap happen in the US. And this "most reporters are okay but is aggressive" thing is the EXACT line Chinese propaganda printed about me. It's a tactic, people.