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Luis Arce, Bolivia's president and Evo Morales’s successor, may soon face a choice: impose his own authority or lose it

A child looks on in front of Bolivia's former President Evo Morales during a caravan between Uyuni and Oruro, upon his return to the country. More photos of the day: 📷 @umarcelino 

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#Bolivia’s once-exiled president Evo Morales made leader of the ruling MAS party

Hundreds of Bolivians welcome back ex-President Evo Morales after a year in exile – in pictures

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales speaks to supporters in Uyuni following his return to the country after a year in exile. More photos of the week: 📷 @umarcelino 

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Thousands of supporters of Bolivia's ex-president Evo Morales crowded into his political stronghold Wednesday for a climactic rally to mark his triumphant return to his homeland

Evo Morales: Bolivia’s ex-president returns – in pictures

Former President Evo Morales has returned to Bolivia after spending a year in exile.


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US media are already trying to whitewash racist Jeanine Añez' self-declaration as president of #Bolivia  as a coup for women's rights. They won't show you the true face of the Bolivian right - like the mob that kidnapped & publicly tortured a female mayor for supporting Morales.

I am very concerned about what appears to be a coup in Bolivia, where the military, after weeks of political unrest, intervened to remove President Evo Morales. The U.S. must call for an end to violence and support Bolivia’s democratic institutions.

I oppose the intervention of Bolivia's security forces in the democratic process and their repression of Indigenous protesters. When the military intervened and asked President Evo Morales to leave, in my view, that’s called a coup.

Bolivia | Thousands of Evo Morales supporters are marching in the city of El Alto as they refuse to accept the president’s resignation amid the right-wing coup.

My one-hour, wide-ranging interview with former Bolivian President Evo Morales - covering Boliva, regional and international politics - is now up at @theintercept . He was one of the most thoughtful and compelling people I’ve interviewed. Full video here:

Breaking News: President Evo Morales of Bolivia has announced his resignation after the military called for him to step down in the face of huge protests set off by a disputed election.

I sat down today with Bolivian President Evo Morales in Mexico City for a wide-ranging interview about his removal, the U.S., Bolsonaro and Latin America. The video - in English, Portuguese and Spanish - will be on @theintercept  shortly:

Congratulations to @evoespueblo  on his re-election as Bolivia's President. Evo Morales and his movement have secured indigenous peoples' rights, halved extreme poverty and presided over impressive economic growth.

Bolivia's military, with the support of the US, has forced the country's President, Evo Morales, to resign. Now, on live TV, they announced that the President & Vice President of the Election Court have been imprisoned. They were led into the room by masked soldiers. Watch:

On Wednesday I promised Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales that I would send Israeli doctors to help those injured from the devastating volcanic eruption in his country. The Israeli delegation arrived the next day. Our doctors and paramedics are saving lives. I’m proud of them!

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