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@HowardKurtz  the Department of Justice filing an antitrust lawsuit against Google, polls showing Biden gaining ground on Trump's leading issues and President Trump firing off against Dr. Anthony Fauci. Listen & subscribe here:

DOJ says antitrust lawsuit against Google has "nothing to do" with president

In a lengthy post on Google’s website on Tuesday, Kent Walker, senior vice president of global affairs, set out the company’s response to the Justice Department’s lawsuit, which he labeled “deeply flawed."

Per pool:  on DOJ/Google, Larry Kudlow just said the president and senior staff have been “consulting” with DOJ and said “it’s an important case to explore,” though he declined to get into specifics.

Dr. John Y. Liu has officially become the China CEO of US software company Afiniti, its Chief Commercial Officer Tom Inskip announced today, tech media 36Kr reported. Liu was a former Google corporate vice president and president of the China region.

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Jordan on Fox Business: Twitter allows a statement from the say he’s going to strike a blow against American citizens. They allow that but..censor the President’s tweets?..We know what Google did in the 2016 election when they tried to help the Clinton campaign win

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google employees have reportedly shelled out $4.8 million to support Joe Biden since 2019 — and $240,000 for President Trump

Trump's diagnosis unleashed a surge in Google searches for an uncomfortable, yet inevitable, question given the president's illness and his recent proximity to Biden on the debate stage. What happens if a presidential nominee can't finish the campaign?

*US President Donald Trump & First Lady Melania Trump test positive for coronavirus *Protests across India over dalit girl's gang-rape in Hathras *25 CEOs of Indian startups meet to discuss Google’s billing & payments system @ShereenBhan  with today's headlines #audiotweet 

"All he has to do is ask somebody. He's the president of the United States. He has people to do research for him if he doesn't want to put it into Google." @sarasidnerCNN  & @rashadrobinson  reacting to the Pres's 'don't know them' claim about the Proud Boys and white supremacy.


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Google will not be publishing a national-scale website for coronavirus testing anytime soon, contrary to claims made by President Trump during a news conference

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Just a reminder of Google’s power and their desire to defeat President Trump

Google will not be publishing a national-scale website for coronavirus testing anytime soon, contrary to claims made by President Trump during a news conference

This seems to be a very big story. Google apparently is refusing to allow candidates to criticize President Trump's coronavirus response. If true, this is a massive mistake that needs to be fixed ASAP. If not, just more reason to break up these information monopolies.

Fact Check President Trump falsely blamed the Obama administration for testing shortages, inaccurately described travel restrictions he had announced and misstated the role Google was playing in mitigating the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite President Trump's claim that Google is putting together a website to screen for coronavirus testing, it turns out: a.) it's not Google b.) it's not a nationwide site c.) it's just for the Bay area d.) it's in "early stages of development"

Not yet 9 am and the president has: -tweet-raged about Strzok and Page -wished Flynn good luck at sentencing -directed Fed to “feel the market” -attacked Facebook, Twitter & Google for bias -complained about immigration -called for end of Russia probe citing a reporter’s comment

It’s not every day that the nation’s biggest law enforcement agency (FBI), one of the world’s biggest tech companies (Google), and a global news organization (CNN) are forced to issue statements correcting the claims tweeted by an American President. But that happened today.

Pompeo was asked whether he knew what the President agreed to in his private meeting with Putin. I ran his answer, below, through Google translate from English to Russian and back to English again, and this is what came out: “I have no idea. Not a friggen clue.”

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The tech industry is not happy with President Trump. Netflix, Apple, Google, Twttter and Facebook have spoken out against the #MuslimBan .