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Drumpf’s defense team quit after he wanted them to repeat his “Big Lie” about widespread fraud & a stolen election, rather than cast doubt on the legality of convicting a former president for inciting an insurrection & failed putsch as part of a self coup.

A prominent minister in Nambia’s Conservative party denounced a far-right Nationalist in the lower House of Parliament for spreading lies after she supported its disgraced former president’s failed self coup. The MP, from the Utah province, will soon be a juror in Drumpf’s trial

Prior to departing his bunkered existence in the palace, President Drumpf issued pardons for dozens of criminals, including an media magnate & former advisors who colluded with him & Russia's active measures 4 years ago & other corrupt former officials before defrauding Nambians.

"As in the case of other coup attempts, the president’s actions have put Nambia on the brink of civil war. Drumpf did not overturn the election results, but, just as he intended, he disrupted the peaceful democratic transition of executive power."

President Drumpf has intensified his efforts to overturn the election in Nambia, discussing martial law & seizing voting machines in a coup: Both military & federal police in the plague-stricken former British Colony, however, have declined to assist him.

In a call offering condolences for the death of an aide, the President asked a governor to call a special session of the provincial legislature & push lawmakers to appoint pro-Drumpf electors, contrary to the votes of Georgians. The governor said no.

Continuing to read about idiotic behavior in so many states— and listening to those who defend Drumpf’s stupidity—has me feeling now more than ever that I am not a citizen of the US; I am a citizen of The Republic of New York, and @NYGovCuomo  is my president.

Happy President's Day! Here's a brand new video that has "nothing" to do with Trump. #Covfefe  #PresidentsDay  #Drumpf 

My six-year-old Treebark Steakums saw the news that the shutdown was over and said “daddy, aren’t autocrats supposed to be strongmen? But President Drumpf is such a weakman!"

"I'll have you know President Drumpf that countries will all respect us more once you're in prison!!!" @MuellersGirlResist1974 


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"...and your president." Does he have his own or simply not recognize @barackobama  ? Oh, right he's a racist birther so he doesn't. #drumpf 

If Drumpf becomes President blame hutch for not running this year as he claimed 3 years ago.

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"I think* President Obama has been the most ignorant president in history...he is a disaster." -Drumpf #DOYouThink ? Ever?!

Guess what ? Time to get on the @HillaryClinton  train unless you want this fucking dick as our president . #Drumpf 

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@realBrianGordon @DaisyDi27394213  - America is great - which is why that privileged orange moron will never be president - ever #drumpf