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President Biden will deliver his first primetime address to the nation Thursday night to mark the one-year anniversary of the Covid-19 shutdowns that rocked the US, the White House says.

President Biden on Monday issued an executive order creating a Gender Policy Council at the White House that aims to advance gender equality throughout the federal government, a move that coincides with #InternationalWomensDay .

NEW: White House Press sec. Jen Psaki announces President Biden will deliver his first primetime address on Thursday. His remarks will focus on COVID-19.

NEW: White House Press sec. Jen Psaki announces President Biden will deliver his first primetime address on Thursday. His remarks will focus on COVID-19.

BREAKING: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is asked if President Biden watched the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last night and if he has a response.

A) The House and Senate still need to sync up on the coronavirus bill before sending the final version to the White House for President Biden to sign.

President Joe Biden is set to sign two executive orders on Monday, International Women's Day, which will establish the White House Gender Policy Council and address sexual violence in the education field.​

Now that President Joe Biden is on the verge of his first big legislative victory, a key moderate Democrat says he may be open to changing Senate rules that could allow for more party-line votes to push through the White House’s agenda.

Over the past 100 years, no president has gone as long as Biden without conducting a formal session with White House reporters.

White House’s @PressSecPsaki  declines to say whether President Biden’s name will be on stimulus checks. “In terms of what the checks will look like, I just don’t have an update on that for you today,” she says.


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America has chosen Democrat Joe Biden as its 46th president, CNN projects, turning to a veteran voice who has projected calm and compassion and pledged to stabilize American politics after four years of Donald Trump's White House chaos. #CNNElection 

President Biden sits in the Oval Office at the White House. 📷 Jim Watson / AFP

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President-elect Biden's German shepherd, Major, will soon be the first dog to go from a shelter to the White House. That shelter, the Delaware Humane Association, is planning a virtual "indoguration" ceremony for Major on Sunday.

Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!

On January 30 @TheAtlantic ⁩ published this from President-elect Biden’s pending White House chief of staff @RonaldKlain ⁩: “Coronavirus Is Coming—And Trump Isn’t Ready

Pres Trump has left his VA golf club where he learned of Joe Biden being declare president-elect and is now on his way back to the White House, where a large crowd has gathered to celebrate Trump's projected failure to be re-elected. A tough scene for someone who hates losing.

Savannah Guthrie’s bias against President Trump will probably be exceeded by Kristen Welker’s bias at the next debate. Her family gave thousandds of doillars to Obama, Clinton and Biden. She registered as a Democrat. Her family spent Christmas with the Obamas at the White House.

“The Obama White House had to immediately issue an apology for Joe Biden’s remarks, and any alarm that he might have caused, an alarm about a Swine Flu outbreak that took 6 months for President Obama to declare a National Emergency, and that killed 12,000 Americans.” @LouDobbs 

Former VP Joe Biden holds a wide lead over President Trump in the national race for the White House, according to a new CNN poll. Biden leads Trump 53% to 42% among registered voters, roughly steady from CNN's poll in early March.

Never before have we had a president stoop SO LOW. Calling Vice President Joe Biden “corrupt” and leveling baseless accusations against him and his son is OUTRAGEOUS! Further proof that President Trump is not fit to sit in the White House.