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President Aoun headed meeting to discuss how to address growing number of people attempting to flee crisis-hit country in dangerous boat crossings. UN last week: 21 reported crossings from #Lebanon  to Cyprus “of mainly Syrians, but also Lebanese &migrant workers” btw July-Sept 14

“Beirut is trying today to rise from its ruins,” President Michel Aoun of #Lebanon  told world leaders at the UN #GeneralAssembly , adding that the country will need international support to rebuild after the devastating explosion last month #UNGA 

At UN #GeneralAssembly , President Michel Aoun of #Lebanon  calls for support from the international community to rebuild in the aftermath of the devastating Beirut explosion #UNGA 

Lebanon “is going to hell if the situation remains as it is,” President Michel Aoun warns

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#Lebanon President Aoun met caretaker PM Diab, Finance Minister Wazni, Central Bank Gov. Salameh to discuss bank's foreign currency reserves which reached dangerous levels &determine timeframe during which bank will continue to subsidize goods & expected quantities

#Lebanon President Aoun breaks from allies Shia Hizbullah & Amal who insist on retaining finance ministry in new Govt - “Constitution does not stipulate allocation of any ministry to any sect or group, nor can any minister be granted authority not granted by constitution”

Lebanon ‘headed for hell without new government’, President Michel Aoun says

President Michel Aoun warned on Monday#Lebanon  was going “to hell” if a new government could not be formed but agreeing one might take a miracle after positions had hardened between rival factions.


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What is ammonium nitrate and why is it dangerous? A massive warehouse explosion in Beirut killed at least 100 people and injured nearly 4,000. Lebanese President Michel Aoun said 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate had been stored for six years at the port 1/4

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I just spoke with President Michel Aoun to express my deepest condoleances. Europe stands side by side with #Lebanon  in the aftermath of the devastating explosions in #Beirut . In the spirit of solidarity we will do all we can to help the Lebanese people overcome this tragedy.

#Lebanon 's President Michel Aoun expressed willingness to consider peace talks wit #Israel  in an interview with French television on Saturday night, just days after th #UAE  signed a historic normalization deal with Israel.

...At 3pm this afternoon, spoke to President Aoun of Lebanon to inform him that 3 large aircraft are on the way, loaded up with Medical Supplies, Food and Water. Also, First Responders, Technicians, Doctors, and Nurses on the way...

President @realDonaldTrump  has spoken with President Aoun of Lebanon. 3 large aircraft are on the way with medical supplies, food, water, and emergency equipment to help.

President @RTErdogan  spoke by phone with President Michel Aoun of Lebanon.

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Traveling to #Beirut  tomorrow to convey Europe’s solidarity with the people in #Lebanon . Shocked and saddened, we stand with all those affected and will provide help. Will meet with President Aoun, Speaker of Parliament Berri and President of Council of Ministers Diab.

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French President Emmanuel Macron has met with Lebanese President Michel Aoun in Beirut "to show that Lebanon is not alone" after an explosion killed 135 people and injured around 5,000. Get the latest on this story here:

President Michel Aoun You said that those who don't like the government should emigrate. I am doing the exact reverse. I left 43 years ago. I am now in transit to Beirut, just to make sure YOU emigrate. #LebanonProtests  cc @Gebran_Bassil  #لبنان_ينتفض

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