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US Pres. Trump: Had a very good relationship with China's Xi but don't feel the same way now #UnitedStates  #China  #TradeWar  #SP500 

$USDCNH $USDCNY | US Pres Trump: Used To Have A Very Good Relationship With China's Xi But He Doesn't Feel The Same Way Now -Fox Sports Radio Interview

📣 #SportingKC  nation! @puliidooo  is nominated for #MLSisBackBest  XI pres. by @DrinkBODYARMOR  We think our No. 9 is a no-brainer. RT if you agree.

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Americans’ views of #China  sour, says @pewresearch . Study finds 73% US adults have unfavorable view- most negative in Pew’s 15 years rating. Faith in Pres. Xi to do the right thing in world affairs down. 77% have little or no confidence, majority say none.

#China to approve new 5-year plan in Oct, state media report. Pres. Xi & leaders pledge to ensure support for H2 (monetary policy to be more flexible, targeted; fiscal more proactive.) Xi also said China would strive to achieve 2020 econ, social goals.

PRRD: About 4 days ago, I made a plea to Pres. Xi Jinping that when they have the vaccine, can they allow us to be one of the first or if we have to buy it, we will be granted credit so that we can normalize as fast as possible.

How silly of this Chinese tycoon not to know: China's Pres Xi Jinping is infallible, particularly his handling of the coronavirus (what cover-up at the outset that let the virus go global?). Any contrary statement is subject to criminal prosecution.

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#China Communist Party expels property tycoon who once called Pres. Xi a “clown”. Move against Ren Zhiqiang appears designed to send message to entrepreneurs, biz elite no one is above its demands of unflinching political loyalty, @HernandezJavier  reports.


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“Trump...turned the con­ver­sa­tion to the com­ing U.S. pres­i­den­tial elec­tion...plead­ing with Xi to en­sure he’d win. He stressed the im­por­tance of farm­ers and in­creased Chi­nese pur­chases of soy­beans and wheat in the elec­toral out­come.”

Pres. Trump was weak in talks with China’s Pres. Xi He sold out for phony promises that China would buy some soybeans in order to help his re-elect But it didn’t work. Farmers are still hurting! This is not what he promised. It's not what farmers want.

Last year as China began tightening its grip on Hong Kong, Pres. Trump told Pres. Xi he would look the other way on China's abuses. Now—Pres. Trump will forever be known as the president who lost Hong Kong to the Chinese Communist Party because of his mollycoddling of Pres. Xi.

One must understand that if right wing war hawk Bolton has turned against Trump, & is revealing conversations he heard of Trump soliciting Pres Xi to help him win reelection in 2020, that Trump is worse than you ever thought: a deplorable underminer of our democracy & a traitor!

WaPo got Bolton book too. “Pres. Trump asked Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping to help him win the 2020 U.S. election...”

We fought for Senate to pass a bill to sanction the Chinese Communist Party for their human rights atrocities against the Uighurs in Xinjiang. I’m pleased the House passed it. Pres Trump needs to stop being weak on Pres Xi & sign it NOW to hold China accountable for the abuses.

FACT-CHECK: The WHO was publicly urging countries *in Jan.* to prepare for "containment" defined by "active surveillance, early detection, isolation, case management and contact tracing." Trump was wrongly claiming the virus would "work out well" and thanking Pres. Xi in Jan.

Looks like Pres Xi is taking the traditional “long view” abt the trade negotiations counting on a Trump defeat in 2020 and having a more pliable Democrat to bargain with. My advice to Xi fr a lowly Senator is Chinese stalling will reelect Trump

Remember when I said Trump & his allies are scumbags? Trump is an immoral, indecent, & inhumane thug. He loves Putin, genuflects for Kim Jong-un, loves killer Duterte, wants to be in power for life like Pres. Xi, & is willing to sacrifice children. He needs 2B stopped. Impeach45

China OKs trademarks for Ivanka Trump's company on same day she dined with Pres. Xi Jinping, documents show

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