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✨🌀 Brace yourself as we take you on a psychedelic journey THIS SUNDAY, 11/1 at 8PM PT on the #Dreamstate  Artist Series at ! Prepare for a special edition DJ Set + Extended Virtual Reality experience & meet us in the chat on Insomniac TV. 🎶🍄

Power crews, emergency officials urge residents to prepare for Hurricane Zeta

Stocks taking a big hit today as coronavirus cases pick-up across the U.S. But @RBAdvisors  Dan Suzuki says this is how investors can best prepare their portfolio for more volatility ahead.

PREPARE NOW: North Georgia will be getting tropical-storm-force winds overnight. Make sure to secure loose items such as trash cans, Halloween decorations and campaign signs now. THE LATEST: | CLOSINGS:

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR How #AMRs  Prepare You For the Unexpected #MarketAnalysis  #ConsumerTrends  ►Post-pandemic supply chain stabilization via #automation  ►Strategies to seamlessly scale w/ varying demand Feat@IA_Analysis  @DHLsupplychain  @LocusRobotics 

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New York state posted more than 2,000 new Covid-19 cases for the first time since May, a surge that officials are desperate to head off as they prepare to hopefully distribute vaccines next year #CrainsNY 

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Help build a strong network of organizations ready to respond to emergencies by filling out the Volunteer Deployment Survey: Together, we can prepare to quickly and effectively meet our community needs. #volunteer  #servenyc 


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Trump will win. 💯. I’m not advocating, I’m telling you to mentally prepare. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Self quarantining & shutting down businesses was done to FLATTEN the curve not to eliminate COVID. We needed time to prepare for increased hospitalization & obtain PPE. Many in the media are acting like we can’t open up until COVID is eliminated & that may never happen.

This week, I’m traveling to Africa for the first time since I left office – a continent of wonderful diversity, thriving culture, and remarkable stories. As I prepare for this trip, I wanted to share a list of books that I’d recommend for summer reading:

Tomorrow takes us behind the scenes with the hugely popular Korean pop group as they prepare to launch a world tour BTS' music mixes hip-hop & R&B, and is punctuated on stage by elaborate choreography. Here they are behind the scenes

As we count down to the new year, we get to reflect and prepare for what’s ahead. For all the bad news that seemed to dominate our collective consciousness, there are countless stories from this year that remind us what's best about America.

The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis. Don't fall for it. Don't let your friends and family fall for it.

Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is complaining, for publicity purposes only, that I should be asking for more money than $2.5 Billion to prepare for Coronavirus. If I asked for more he would say it is too much. He didn’t like my early travel closings. I was right. He is incompetent!

The Trump administration was told in January that coronavirus was likely to become a pandemic. They refused to act for fear of spooking the markets, losing weeks of time to prepare that we won’t get back.

listened to @halsey 's Badlands today, you should prepare your faces for an incredible album.