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914 species are affected by plastic debris, including all sea turtles🐢Do you think our precious marine life deserves a home free from plastic pollution?🏠 Keep reading to see how you can help 👇 Report: @BCG , @circulareconomy  and @WWF  Images: @AlexisRosenfeld 

Africa is a net importer of food spending some $40bn a year of precious foreign exchange on staples -- which puts the continent's food security at risk @davidpilling  #Nigeria  #Africa  #agritech 

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Precious baby gorilla is given round-the-clock care

FAMILYCATION! Spend quality time and create precious staycation memories with your loved ones. Rate starts from Rp.999.000 Net/night Booking Period : Until 31 October 2020 Stay Period : Until 31 December 2020 (Black out dates apply) #ThePapandayanHotel 

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Precious Metals Update: #Gold  1924.44 (+0.01%), #Aluminum  1834.50 (-1.03%), and #Copper  6899.00 (+1.76%) [delayed]

Yes, you’ll sacrifice precious counter space. No, you won’t regret it.

The probe has been orbiting the asteroid Bennu for almost two years, but yesterday it descended to the surface to scoop up a few grams of precious primordial material for eventual return to Earth.​


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We can never forget how precious life is. How those who are special to you and never let them forget how deeply you love them

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. - Marcus Aurelius

I believe all 7 billion human beings alive today are part of one human family. We are born and die in the same way. And what is most precious in our relations with others is warm-heartedness. It yields the peace of mind and inner strength that are fundamental to a happy community

To say “People will die, so be it” instead of a science & testing-based path to reopening the economy is deeply frivolous & wrong. Every life is precious. Each death is heartbreaking — for a family & for a community. This is something we are all in together. #FamiliesFirst 

One of our most precious rights as Americans is the right to determine who our leaders are. The president abused his powers to cheat in the next election and rob us of that right. Then he obstructed Congress to cover it up. Impeachment is the only remedy. #DefendOurDemocracy 

First Trump fails to take Coronavirus seriously, losing precious weeks. Then claims he’s a wartime president and follows expert advice. Now he's going weak at the knees watching Fox and debating deadly laxity. Leaders make tough calls for the greater good. Based on facts.

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we remember the millions of precious souls who perished as a result of the horrific crimes perpetrated by the Nazi regime....

As the grandfather of two precious girls, I find that no apology can excuse away Donald Trump's reprehensible comments degrading women.

We deeply believe that this country's most precious gift is our children. They are our future. We must keep them safe. Beginning today, DICK'S Sporting Goods is committed to the following:

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