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@jalaiah , creator of the year’s most popular dance, #Renegade , joins other rising stars for Variety’s one-hour Power of Young Hollywood special on Facebook, August 6 at 6pm PT, during which viewers can contribute directly to @RockTheVote . #POYH 

David White hosts the Power Trading Hour for Friday on @TFNN  and discussed $IWM $SLV $SVXY $MSFT $NFLX $GDX $BA $ROKU $SLV $QCOM and more! #Learntotrade  #FridayFinance  #Financialeducation  #TFNN  #StocksToTrade  #StockMarketNews  #PathofLeastResistance 

In the aftermath of tropical storm Isaias, tens of thousands of New Yorkers were left without power early Friday morning for about half an hour.

When Joe Mauer feels sour and dour, he sings Tower of Power in the shower for an hour.

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Ostriches’ kick can break bones. A claw can disembowel an adversary. Their eyes, biggest of any land animal, can spot trouble two miles away & their massive thigh muscles, elastic tendons, & long lean legs can power an escape up to 40 miles an hour. @NatGeo 

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After #Isaias , Flash Flood Guidance shows it won't take much (0.5" in an hour) in the Mid Atlantic for Flash Flooding to occur. @juliemartin  & I'll let you know how much rain to expect. PLUS, live reports from @JMichaelsNews  on power outages. 10am-1pm ET on @weatherchannel .

If you don't like your life rewrite the narrative you got the power. RT *LeahLakeBooks I wrote “there’s a 24-hour soup bar” and poof! there was 😄 #WritingCommunity  When you feel like a god, making things true with a stroke of the pen.

Drive an hour for a shower: Living without power in East Haven


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So tennis at Winfield House and three hour ‘power naps’ and then the long weekends at Chequers. What else do you actually do, @BorisJohnson ?

At 7:38am ET, our #AllWomanSpacewalk  officially started as @Astro_Christina  & @Astro_Jessica  set their spacesuits to battery power, marking the beginning of their 5.5 hour excursion outside of the @Space_Station  to replace a failed power controller. Watch:

Our fight is not between workers who make $10 an hour and those who make $20 an hour. Our fight is between the millions of Americans struggling just to get by and the handful of corporations and multibillionaires who hold obscene amounts of wealth and power.

The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power. You have 1 hour left to change history. #VoteLabourToday 

One copy of the FBI report. No more than an hour to review it. No ability for any follow up. Then a rushed vote. For 2 years, McConnell has been carefully and purposefully breaking the Senate. This is the final blow. No comity or tradition left. It’s just about power politics.

My friends, this is a dark hour. Obstruction of justice, abuses of power, intolerance, cruelty, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia have been unleashed across the country. But remember, the vast majority of Americans disapprove of Trump. Together, we can defeat him.

#MaduroCrimeFamily stole all the money they should have invested in maintaining the power grid. Now #Venezuela  is on its 14th hour of a nationwide blackout. God help the babies in incubators & dialysis patients & others for whom this is life threatening.

The nationwide power failure in #Venezuela  now going on its 25th hour is causing devastating long term economic damage. In the blink of an eye the countries entire aluminum production capacity was destroyed by damage caused by the blackout.

Republicans in WI have just done their state and democracy a disservice. But they have done WI Democrats a huge favor, as this 11th hour, last gasp power grab invites a tremendous voter backlash.

The linemen were paid $42 an hour. The bill that Whitefish Energy sent Puerto Rico's power company? $319 an hour.