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Marieke Alsguth, Troy Duffie & Maha Husseini of @plattsshipping  discuss the impacts from the mid-February cold snap refinery outages and potential outlooks for petroleum product demand in the Americas | #shipping  #tankers  Listen here (12:45):

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An inability or unwillingness to take into account economic considerations is putting a number of jobs at risk, and a substantial amount of existing and potential investment in peril. This impacts the whole economy with the poor facing the worst burden.

The #FightFor15  gets a vote tomorrow when Democrats are set to advance President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus proposal without Republican support. The Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein discusses the potential economic impacts on #SquawkPod . LISTEN:

“The [MPC] retains autonomy over whether and how its decisions take account of potential housing consequences, but it will need to explain regularly how it has sought to assess the impacts on housing outcomes” – @grantrobertson1  #HousePrices  @NZFinMin 

The pandemic has put strains on every corner of our lives, especially financial. Now there are concerns about the potential impacts to the criminal justice system.

Every year billions and billions of microplastics are invading the Arctic Ocean and now @OceanWise  is trying to figure out how they got there to investigate their potential impacts on marine life.

On this #KOIN6Podcast , @KelleyJoWx  and @JosephKOIN  dive into the forecast to time out the rain and potential impacts of heavy mountain snowfall through the end of the week.

Air quality concerns at St. Raphael Catholic School are worrying teachers and parents, who say they don't know if it's safe to be inside. @MaleehaCTV  explains the potential health impacts and why dozens of Toronto schools could have the same problem.

Some potential impacts on road based schemes nationwide: Legal challenge taken against Sandymount cycleway

Good (almost) morning from the mid shift. For the 1st time in this set of 7 for your current crew, only continued potential for Wind Chill impacts are on our DSP & even those are improved over the last few days. Not completely out of the woods but we're on the upswing. Stay warm!

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COVID19 has pan-body disease manifestations and this is the best review to date on all the non-lung potential impacts, system by system, new @NatureMedicine  by and colleagues @aakriti_15  @heshmad  @KartikSehgal_MD 

Hurricane #Delta  is forecast to be large & it's important to know the impacts it may bring: • Life-threatening storm surge & heavy rains • Damaging winds, power outages & fallen trees • Potential tornados Take steps to prepare now & know where to go for safe sheltering.

#Sally is expected to slow down along the northern Gulf Coast as it approaches early next week bringing the potential for widespread flooding from far eastern Louisiana into the Florida panhandle. We're LIVE now to break down the potential impacts.

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Scientists are using @NASAEarth  data to better understand the environmental, economic and societal impacts of COVID-19. Two new projects will study global changes from the pandemic and potential environmental signals that might influence its spread:

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As affected areas prepare for #Dorian , we are continuing to coordinate at the federal level to support @AEMEAD1  and local officials in #PuertoRico . For the latest information on potential storm impacts, follow @NWSSanJuan  & @NHC_Atlantic .

Today, I will be declaring a state of emergency in the Florida Panhandle & Big Bend & directing the State EOC to activate. Later today, I will receive a full update & briefing on the forecast & potential impacts of the storm from federal, state & local emergency management.

JUST IN: Virginia governor declares states of emergency ahead of this weekend's 1-year anniversary of the violent alt-right and white nationalist rally in Charlottesville in order "to address the potential impacts of events in and around the city."

Now that China lifted its ban on British beef imports, what are the potential impacts on the U.S. livestock industry? w/ discusses on #tictocnews 

We have been given 4 days to read over 247 pages of proposed changes to the tax code and to understand the potential impacts on the businesses and residents of our state. This is not only the height of irresponsibility. It is an impossible task.

JUST IN: Florida Keys officials call for mandatory visitor evacuation to begin Wednesday ahead of potential impacts from Hurricane Irma

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