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I survived covid-19. Wearing masks is the polite thing to do, one reader writes #PostLetters 

Use the pandemic ridership turndown to build more mass transit, one reader writes #PostLetters 

In #PostLetters : Why I won’t serve as an election judge this year

"The sculptor of the statue was my grandfather, Lorado Taft. He was not a racist or a misogynist." #PostLetters 

"Our citizens need to wake up and demand the end to the ridiculous war on drugs." #PostLetters 

Don’t be fooled by falling death rates, one reader writes #PostLetters 

The administration needs to ensure voting safety protocols, one reader writes #PostLetters 


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"President Trump and his speechwriters deliberately took King’s words out of context." #PostLetters 

"This is not being a sportsman hunter. It is being a coward and a butcher." #PostLetters 

I lean Republican. Trump has got to go, one reader writes #PostLetters 

It’s time for the former members of Mueller’s team to speak out, one reader writes #PostLetters 

Rep. Ilhan Omar is right — sanctions harm the poor and middle class the most, one reader writes in #PostLetters 

"CNN recently refused to broadcast a lie-filled Trump ad. Facebook has no excuse." #PostLetters 

Officials who ignore congressional subpoenas must face consequences #PostLetters