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UPDATE - At the request of the APWU, a waiver provision that would have allowed the U.S. Postal Service to sidestep new performance standards has been removed from the legislation.

Over 50 House Democrats have signed a letter urging the White House to allocate $8 billion in funds for the United States Postal Service to electrify its fleet of mail trucks.

The president of the Postal Police Officers Association says the law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service has prioritized surveilling Americans over safeguarding the mail. #TWTFrontPage 

The U.S. Postal Service's delivery stumbles drew scrutiny last year when an influx of election mail and operational changes caused service to deteriorate.

On-time delivery plunges at U.S. Postal Service, with 1 in 5 pieces of mail arriving late

On-time delivery plunges at US Postal Service, with 1 in 5 pieces of mail arriving late under leadership of Trump loyalist with no prior @USPS  experience, @CBSMoneyWatch  rpts:


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By refusing to fire DeJoy, the USPS Board of Governors is choosing to protect the whims of a major Trump donor over the needs of our Veterans, seniors, small businesses and every American relying on our postal service.

The United States Postal Service is vital to ensuring that people have access to essential goods like medicine, toiletries, and voter ballots. RT if you agree the Postal Service shouldn’t be maximized for profits.

The US Postal Service is NOT a business. You don’t see this administration demanding the military pay its own bills or face bankruptcy.

President Trump admitted in an interview he plans to block additional funding for the U.S. Postal Service in order to prevent increased voting by mail.

The assault by President Trump & his mega-donor Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on the Postal Service threatens lives, livelihood & life of our American democracy. I am calling on the House to return to vote on Chairwoman Maloney’s "Delivering for America Act." #DontMessWithUSPS 

So Joe Biden can now run on saving the Postal Service. That's a gift - the equivalent of a two-foot putt in politics. Donald Trump probably knows about two-foot putts. Or does he cheat on those too?

We cannot let Donald Trump destroy the United States Postal Service. Congress must step up to ensure our nation’s seniors can get their life-saving medicine on time and that people can safely cast their ballots.

The Senate Republican plan: - $29,400,000,000 for the Pentagon - $0 for hazard pay - $0 for nutrition assistance - $0 for the uninsured/under-insured - $0 for the Postal Service - $0 for state and local governments - 100% deduction for three-martini CEO lunches What a disaster.

Perhaps Donald Trump doesn’t like the Postal Service because it delivers.

So let me get this straight: We can afford to give airline companies billions in bailout even when they’ve spent billions on stock buybacks, but we can’t afford to bail out the postal service?