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Postal Service data on mail deliveries sends clear message for mail-in voting this fall: Send ballots early. By @AP  @aizaguirre10 @DeshpandePia0 .

Lawyers for the U.S. Postal Service were in court Thursday to defend accusations that service cuts are slowing down the mail and threatening the integrity of the presidential election.

The investigation comes as the scrutiny of the Postal Service and voting by mail is intensifying ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

“But controversial changes at the Postal Service have compounded long-standing delivery delays nationwide and sparked concerns among election officials and voters alike over the agency’s ability to deliver this fall.“

VOTE 2020: US Postal Service trailer trucks will collect about 250,000 Vote-By-Mail ballots this morning that will be sent to Broward County voters who have requested a ballot for the general election.

Michigan is home to one of the worst-performing U.S. Postal Service districts in the country.

More than 50,000 workers have taken time off for virus-related reasons, slowing mail delivery. The Postal Service doesn’t test employees or check their temperatures, and its contact tracing is erratic.

Internal USPS documents link changes behind mail slowdowns to top executives. Newly obtained records appear in conflict with months of Postal Service assertions that blamed lower-level managers for strategies tied to delivery delays. via @jacobbogage 

For those in search of USPS careers, the US Postal Service is hiring at 2 Chicago-area locations, Elk Grove Village and the South Loop.​

For those in search of USPS careers, the US Postal Service is hiring at 2 Chicago-area locations, Elk Grove Village and the South Loop.​


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The US Postal Service is NOT a business. You don’t see this administration demanding the military pay its own bills or face bankruptcy.

President Trump admitted in an interview he plans to block additional funding for the U.S. Postal Service in order to prevent increased voting by mail.

Startling: Kimberly Karol, of postal service workers' union in Waterloo, Iowa, tells @noeleking  the USPS not only banned overtime, but is having sorting machines removed in her area: "That also hinders our ability to process mail. @NPR 

The assault by President Trump & his mega-donor Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on the Postal Service threatens lives, livelihood & life of our American democracy. I am calling on the House to return to vote on Chairwoman Maloney’s "Delivering for America Act." #DontMessWithUSPS 

So Joe Biden can now run on saving the Postal Service. That's a gift - the equivalent of a two-foot putt in politics. Donald Trump probably knows about two-foot putts. Or does he cheat on those too?

We cannot let Donald Trump destroy the United States Postal Service. Congress must step up to ensure our nation’s seniors can get their life-saving medicine on time and that people can safely cast their ballots.

Who needs Russia when you are openly attacking the United States Postal Service to suppress the vote and undermine American democracy? And the vast majority of Republican officials nod along in their destructive self-interest.

The Senate Republican plan: - $29,400,000,000 for the Pentagon - $0 for hazard pay - $0 for nutrition assistance - $0 for the uninsured/under-insured - $0 for the Postal Service - $0 for state and local governments - 100% deduction for three-martini CEO lunches What a disaster.

Perhaps Donald Trump doesn’t like the Postal Service because it delivers.

So let me get this straight: We can afford to give airline companies billions in bailout even when they’ve spent billions on stock buybacks, but we can’t afford to bail out the postal service?