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The Paradice Investment Managementportfolio manager says to find bargains at the moment investors have to look into the sectors that have been hit by the pandemic.

[VIDEO] Executive Series: @pmcapitalltd  Portfolio Manager, Paul Moore speaks about how the impact from US election is approached, views on inflation & commodity demand cycle and the outlook for the sectors including energy and banks #ausbiz 

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Could some pandemic-era trends endure? Here's why Fidelity's portfolio manager, Jason Weiner, believes some practices, such as digital work, could be long-lasting:

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ClearBridge International Value Strategy Portfolio Manager Commentary Q3 2020. #trading  #finance  #stockmarket 

ClearBridge Small Cap Strategy Portfolio Manager Commentary Q3 2020. #markets  #economy  #finance 

ClearBridge International Small Cap Strategy Portfolio Manager Commentary Q3 2020. #trading  #economy  #finance 


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If Lululemon would like you to "resist capitalism", you can help by selling their stock ($LULU). Call your portfolio manager & tell them to be wary of investing in a company that doesn't believe in capitalism. Their market cap is $40 billion. (screenshot from @ARmastrangelo )

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Portfolio manager 101: How to write quarterly letters to investors Step 1: everything the Fed does is illegal going back to 1913 Step 2: include the phrases "price discovery" and "free markets" Step 3: "The market is overvalued but we LOVE our stocks" Step 4: quote Buffett

Portfolio Manager, Will Danoff, shares insights from his home on what Fidelity is doing to help investors get through volatility:

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Bill Bellichick would’ve made an amazing portfolio manager He’s like Buffett loaning money to Goldman Sachs in 2008

If a recession is on the horizon no one told the consumer: Portfolio manager @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness 

Government takes 2% of your wealth every year to fund health care, green energy, etc.: Damn it, that's COMMUNISM!! Asset manager takes 2% of your wealth every year to invest your money in a portfolio that underperforms the index: Well that's just good ol' productive CAPTITALISM!

“I haven’t seen managers this shell-shocked and confused in a very long time,” a senior portfolio manager said of the stock-market rout

“It’s a pretty serious issue given the portfolio that Peter Dutton holds, if there is a doubt about his constitutional eligibility to even be there,” Manager of Opposition Business tells on . #NationalWrap  #auspol 

I would not be surprised if @George_Osborne  added the Leicester manager's job to his portfolio.