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"How many teens are choking each other because of PornHub? I’m skeptical this is an epidemic. After all, teens watch violent films, but we don’t blame movies for teen violence," writes Cherie DeVille

Adult website Pornhub has launched an 'interactive art guide' of 'famous nude paintings' in renowned museums – and not everyone seems to be pleased with the move. MORE:

Pornhub's move to create nude art gallery sparks galleries' fury Follow us on Telegram

"…One is squalidly trying to hoard a bunch of digital images of naked people, and the other is Pornhub…" Brilliant piece by @TATFS . Also: of course the pictures were meant to expensively titillate buyers & artists. How petit-bourgeois of the museums.

"The Pornhub row isn’t just about one online grotmonger’s unlikely side-project. It taps into a wider, more important debate" | Writes@TATFS 

Museums are initiating legal action against Pornhub for rights infringements and pushing for the website to take down their "Show Me the Nudes" content.

Museums up in arms over Pornhub's raunchy recreations of fine art masterpieces

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Florence’s Uffizi galleries make an official complaint to PornHub after Botticelli’s Birth of Venus is used as a tableau in a (frankly quite weird) video advertising art as porn. I mean, you’d have to be pretty desperate…

Hot two on one legal action: Louvre and Uffizi sue Pornhub for rights violation

Classing up the joint? Pornhub ‘classic nudes’ guide may soon be coming to an art museum near you


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I've spent the last few months reporting this piece about Pornhub. What most people don't realize is that it's infested with rape videos. I talked to child trafficking survivors whose rape videos the company had distributed and monetized. Unconscionable:

Exclusive: Pornhub is removing all videos on its site that weren't uploaded by official content partners or members of its model program—meaning a significant portion of its videos will disappear.

Mastercard and Visa said they had banned the use of their credit cards on the adult website Pornhub after the New York Times Opinion columnist @NickKristof  reported that the platform included videos of child abuse and rape.

Country version of Take Yourself Home is up on pornhub! Here’s a snippet

@Pornhub  is giving Italians free premium access during coronavirus quarantine:

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Mom says it's my turn on pornhub

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Pornhub gives NYC coronavirus workers 50K masks — and free porn

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PornHub has now made its premium services free worldwide, and will also donate to the #Coronavirus  relief efforts:

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Pornhub is making its premium content free all month to people in Italy who are stuck because of the coronavirus.