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A look at how the Beirut blast - one of the bloodiest massacres since Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war - impacted a poor neighborhood near the port

The ammonium nitrate arrived in Beirut on the cargo ship, MV Rhosus, en route to deliver its explosive cargo to Mozambique The ship was in poor shape - in July 2013 inspectors had found 14 separate deficiencies, from corroded decks to poor fire safety

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In 3 ravaged neighborhoods in Beirut — one middle class, one poor, and one upscale — the catastrophe has united everyone in rage against a government seen as corrupt, dysfunctional and ineffectual

More shocking video shows the scale of the explosion in Beirut today. Poor Lebanon - which has already suffered so much over the last year

In Beirut, it "was Macron at his most statesmanlike, speaking not only for France but for the wider world, promising to cut through a geopolitical Gordian knot. But the president has a poor track record in turning rhetoric into results." via @bopinion 

My latest: Macron said all the right things in Beirut. But he has a poor track record in turning rhetoric into results. #BeirutExplosion  via @bopinion 

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called for the poor and most vulnerable to be respected as Beirut and Lebanon rebuild

This poor couple was shooting their wedding photos when the blast in Beirut happened. They were 3/4 of a mile away from the blast. I hope everyone there was ok.

One of my old apartments in Mar Mikhail. Probably would’ve been bickering with @hadeelalsh  in the living room and rightfully knocked over when the blast hit. Poor Beirut

Poor Beirut. Horrific to see the devastation and so many killed and injured. The hospitals are already dealing with coronavirus and are so stretched. Ways to help here via @HelpRefugeesUK 


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I’m speechless watching these videos coming out of Beirut. God bless those poor victims (and there will be many).

This old lady is a regular on Beirut’s Hamra St. She was out begging yesterday even though the streets were empty. Now the army has been called in to enforce lockdown. She’s not there today. Lockdown is incredibly harsh on the destitute & poor (2/2)

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Protests against corruption and poor public services have continued for nearly a week in Lebanon. From Beirut, NPR's Daniel Estrin breaks it down ??

Big protest erupts in Beirut after news reports about people committing suicide in Lebanon due to poor living conditions

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VIDEO: Hundreds of Lebanese demonstrate in Beirut against rampant corruption and poor living conditions, with some wearing yellow vests in reference to the protests in France, as anger mounts over political deadlock that has left the country without a government since May

Heartbreaking. Poor Syrian kid staring at Lebanese children leaving cinema, Beirut 2014. Photo taken by @LeNajib :

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