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"Avoid all the products, get rich quick scams and advertisers who tell you that “you’ll go up and never down in the markets”, stay away from 100% foolproof. Know how scammers and Ponzi schemes operate, there are more than you realize." -Donald1955

@bneeditor  Do you seriously think I have ever once in ten years been contacted by anyone at RT about our content? Only ever heard from them three or four times and that was basically letting us know that the likes of George Osborne were unhappy with us calling 'Help to Buy' a ponzi scheme.

Victims of Tom Petters ponzi scheme receive $22 million in additional damages, bringing total to $38 million.

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Investors who were victimized by Tom Petters’ Ponzi scheme will get additional payouts drawn from more than $22 million in forfeited funds.

Aug 6, 1920 - New York Times: Investor run on Ponzi dwindles away; to the contrary, several businessmen seek his financial backing for their own projects #100yearsago 

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Investors who were victimized by Tom Petters' Ponzi scheme will get additional payouts drawn from more than $22 million in forfeited funds, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

EXCLUSIVE: Barry Minkow, who ran one of the largest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history, is to be the subject of a new docu-series after partnering with The Content Group and 'Intervention' producer Sami Abdou

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[ON AIR] #CNBCConversation : "It is a new idea that will be calibrated along the way. This not a ponzi scheme and we are working on building confidence in it. It is an open and legal project" Chairperson of Travaco, Anna Tibaijuka on #CNBCAfrica  #DStv410  /

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#Bitcoin's ponzi schemes never disappeared, they modified


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So, under the WE Charity/Trudeau gov't student grant program, teachers get $12,000 to recruit 70 students paid up to $5,000 to 'volunteer' until the $900 million from taxpayers runs out. Doesn't this resemble a Ponzi scheme, albeit a legal one, with taxpayers as patsies? #cdnpoli 

NEW: In clips from his radio show as mayor, Mike Bloomberg repeatedly called for making cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. He repeatedly called social security a Ponzi scheme.

@SenTedCruz  said he never called Social Security a Ponzi scheme. But Ted, we got it on the damn screen.

An accounting expert who raised red flags about Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme has a new target: General Electric

Wait a minute are people really surprised that rich people pay money so their kids can go to a school they wouldn’t normally be accepted. Millions of dollars for libraries and new buildings... Are you still are in denial that we live in a Ponzi scheme that’s falling apart? Lol

Poor Northam. It'd be better if he just said he was on crack, worked as a male stripper, sold cocaine to undercover cops, and operated a Ponzi scheme to take savings accounts from old ladies, but "I'm not that person anymore. I'm the soon to be FORMER Governor of VA."

Redneck Glossary- socialism A system of government that takes from the productive gives to the unproductive while it blames all the nation’s problems on the productive and what they’ve accumulated A top heavy bureaucratic Ponzi scheme that always ends with shots being fired.

The Church of Scientology maintains they aren't homophobic, and claims LeClair is "manufacturing controversies to divert attention from the fact that she bilked millions of dollars" from investors in a Ponzi scheme

This isn't sport. It's a Ponzi scheme.

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CONFIRMED: Treasurer of this pro-Trump PAC is notorious Ponzi schemer Steven Hoffenberg, convicted of a $460M fraud.