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"Rasmussen Reports was the most accurate pollster during the ’16 cycle, despite common accusations of Republican bias. Rasmussen had Hillary Clinton up 1.7 points over Trump on election day 2016, and Hillary ended up leading the popular vote by 2.1%."

The progressive pollsterSean McElwee helped popularize “Abolish ICE.” Now he’s advising Joe Biden—and has a message for other leftists, reports @elainejgodfrey :

In 2016, virtually every major pollster and election forecaster showed Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide. Then Donald Trump became president. The forecasting breakdown spurred several "autopsy" reports analyzing what exactly went wrong.

The spate of articles focusing on Biden’s lack of person-to-person campaigning shows that more Democrats than Mellman understand that, too. pollster warns'>Dem Pollster Warns: Likely Voter Models Are A “Sham” (VIP Only)

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“Our new figures out this morning are the worst numbers for the government yet. Twice as many people think the government is doing badly as doing well” YouGovpollsterChris Cutis on weekly polling on government handling of coronavirus #politicslive 

Nevada is considered a battleground state this election, according to a political analyst and public opinion pollster.

The progressive pollsterSean McElwee helped popularize “Abolish ICE.” Now he’s advising Joe Biden—and has a message for other leftists, reports @elainejgodfrey :

@jefffarias  Who, us? A good Democratic weighted pollster like us? Had Hillary winning the popular vote by the exact margin she won it by? We're supposed to be rewarded for accuracy, right?

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@FoxNews  Polls are, as in the past, Fake News. They have been from the beginning, way off in 2016. Get a new pollster. I believe we are leading BIG!

“It’s about peace and Prosperity, that’s how Republican Presidents get elected, and this President has delivered on the Economy and he’s delivered on keeping America Stronger & Safer. Our biggest enemy is not any one of these Democrats, it’s the Media.” John McLaughlin, pollster

I have retained highly respected pollster, McLaughlin & Associates, to analyze todays CNN Poll (and others), which I felt were FAKE based on the incredible enthusiasm we are receiving. Read analysis for yourself. This is the same thing they and others did when we defeated...

The @foxnewPolls , always inaccurate, are heavily weighted toward Dems. So ridiculous - same thing happened in 2016. They got it all wrong. Get a new pollster!

From the day I announced I was running for President, I have NEVER had a good @FoxNews  Poll. Whoever their Pollster is, they suck. But @FoxNews  is also much different than it used to be in the good old days. With people like Andrew Napolitano, who wanted to be a Supreme....

@FoxNews  should fire their Fake Pollster. Never had a good Fox Poll!

Great Pollster John McLaughlin now has the GOP up in the Generic Congressional Ballot. Big gain over last 4 weeks. I guess people are loving the big Tax Cuts given them by the Republicans, the Cuts the Dems want to take away. We need more Republicans!

....of the correction which they knew about full well! “Fox News Pollster Braun Research Misrepresented Impeachment Poll: Analysis@NYPost 

....they made this whole thing up. Impeachment is also a pre-emptive strike for what they think is coming on the Obama Administration’s handling of the 2016 Election.” Jim McLaughlin, highly respected pollster. @WashTimes  @FoxNews 

“The latest Polls find 51% of Americans approve of President Trump’s Job Performance. Last month a Democrat Pollster said President Trump’s approval rating has been the most steady of any President in history!” @OANN