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New polling reveals that the vast majority of US adults feel comfortable returning to the office, but the April jobs report shows how hard that will be

Familes of polling officers who succumbed to COVID-19 must get Rs 1 crore each: Allahabad HC

At least one crore compensation should be given for death of polling officers due to Covid: HC

The Allahabad high court on Tuesday observed that the amount of compensation for polling officers, who died due to COVID-19 during Panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh, is very less and the compensation must at least be to the tune of Rs one crore.

American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong polling of members. 42% considering leaving, with Hong Kong's future competitiveness, Covid quarantine policies and the National Security Law as the top three reasons.

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#Allahabad HC observed that the amount of compensation for polling officers, who died due to #Covid19  during #Panchayat  elections in #UttarPradesh , is very less.

Report | Compensation is less for polling officers who died due to COVID during UP Panchayat polls: HC

#NewsAlert | 'At least Rs 1 cr compensation should be given to the families of polling officers who died due to Covid during panchayat polls duty', Allahabad HC tells UP Govt. 'It is not a case where someone volunteers his/her service. It was made obligatory.' Details: Harish.

INEC To Convert Voting Centres To Polling Units In Lagos via @TheTrentOnline 

@pareene  I am, of course, entirely neutral here, but given the current polling, I think people w your politics should recognize (as you do) the non-trivial chance it comes down to Adams v Yang and consider making a choice between the two if they have a preference.


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The recent statement by Chris Krebs on the security of the 2020 Election was highly inaccurate, in that there were massive improprieties and fraud - including dead people voting, Poll Watchers not allowed into polling locations, “glitches” in the voting machines which changed...

@FoxNews , @QuinnipiacPoll , ABC/WaPo, NBC/WSJ were so inaccurate with their polls on me, that it really is tampering with an Election. They were so far off in their polling, and in their attempt to suppress - that they should be called out for Election Interference...

Did you see where Joe Biden — as Weak, Tired, and Sleepy as he is, went to a Polling Place today in Delaware (of course!) to VOTE!? If Biden can do it, any American can do it!

Looking back into history, the response by the ObamaBiden team to the H1N1 Swine Flu was considered a weak and pathetic one. Check out the polling, it’s really bad. The big difference is that they got a free pass from the Corrupt Fake News Media!

“If carefully done, according to the guidelines, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do that (vote at polling place).” Doctor Anthony Fauci

If you're in a state where you have the option to vote early, do that now. The more votes in early, the less likely you're going to see a last minute crunch, both at polling places and in states where mail-in ballots are permitted. Then tell everyone you know.

Sorry to inform the Do Nothing Democrats, but I am getting VERY GOOD internal Polling Numbers. Just like 2016, the @nytimes  Polls are Fake! The @FoxNews  Polls are a JOKE! Do you think they will apologize to me & their subscribers AGAIN when I WIN? People want LAW, ORDER & SAFETY!

A rule of thumb: If you're lying about nonexistent voter fraud, if you're limiting polling places, if you're forcing people to line up to vote in a pandemic, even the old and the infirm, then it seems you're basically admitting most Americans don't want you to be president.

Kentucky Officials locked the polling doors at 6pm. Voters were still waiting. The people demanded the doors open. Candidates filed an injunction to extend the time. The judge granted an extension. The people are voting in Kentucky...

So let me get this straight: Legislation to restore the Voting Rights Act has been sitting on McConnell’s desk for months — and he will directly benefit from his state allocating just one polling place for 616,000 predominantly Black voters? Can this be any more blatant?