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Deutsche Bank: a new national poll yesterday from Monmouth University showed Biden with a 10-point lead over President Trump, with 51% to 41%. #USElection2020  #Usa2020  #Election2020  #elections2020  #trump  #Biden 

Prediction: in debate with Biden, Trump simply says that no matter what Biden says, it doesn't matter, since Harris will likely be president in short order if Biden wins. You know he'll go there, and it will be effective. Most Americans, by poll data, already think that's true.

POLL: Did Joe Biden choose the strongest running mate with Sen. Kamala Harris?

Analysis: A new poll spotlights a key reason Biden is the 2020 favorite

This @Georgetown  poll taken before Biden’s announcement found that 44% of Americans had a favorable view of Harris and 35% had an unfavorable view.


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Poll: Trump Better Than Biden On Economic Growth, 55% to 34%. That’s all? Who are the 34%?

Fox News poll on whether voters think the two candidates possess qualities needed in a president: intelligence Biden +15 Trump -10 compassion Biden +26 Trump -21 judgment Biden +16 Trump -13 mental soundness Biden +8 Trump -8

96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Thank you! Also, just out, highest ever Approval Rating overall in the new Gallup Poll, and shows “Trump beating Sleepy Joe Biden.”

@OANN  Poll “Gives President Trump a 52% Approval Rating in North Carolina, and a seven point lead over (Sleepy) Joe Biden. The President also helps other Republican Candidates, including @SenThomTillis , who has a 4% lead over his Democrat rival.”

new Quinnipiac national poll on 2020 general election shows every prospective Democratic nominee beating Trump : Biden 51%, Trump 42% Sanders 51%, Trump 43% Warren 50%, Trump 43% Bloomberg 48%, Trump 42% Buttigieg 48%, Trump 43% Klobuchar 47%, Trump 43%