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I’m Michael Tubbs, Mayor of Stockton, California, and I’m here to answer your questions! AMA! #politicsnews  #reddit 

Pew poll: Americans support allowing citizens to sue officers for misconduct #politicsnews  #reddit 

Manhattan federal prosecutor ousted by Barr to testify before House panel #politicsnews  #reddit 

WH Won’t Say What Authority Trump Has To Cut Funding To Schools That Don’t Reopen#politicsnews  #reddit 

I Was at the Tulsa Rally With Anti-Trump Vets. The President Should Be Worried. #politicsnews  #reddit 

Fired SDNY U.S. Attorney: Barr Told Me to Resign or Else Ruin My ‘Future Job Prospects’ #politicsnews  #reddit 

Schiff to Vindman: ‘Right does not matter to Trump. But it matters to you’ #politicsnews  #reddit 

White House press secretary’s parents received millions in PPP loans #politicsnews  #reddit 


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Supreme Court Rules Nearly Half of Oklahoma is Indian Reservation #politicsnews  #reddit 

The DOJ Decided Not to Prosecute Trump. It’s Hiding the Reason Why. #politicsnews  #reddit 

Senate Votes to Allow FBI to Look at Your Web Browsing History Without a Warrant #politicsnews  #reddit 

“We know there are some people who say cats are bad and dogs are good. But there are also people who believe Black Crime should be a vertical on politics-news websites. We are not saying this Venn diagram is a perfect circle but”

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This is one of my favorite days in politics/news. What will our say to Americans about ? #economyy #taxcuts'>#economyy #taxcuts#jobsg #dreamersuests include:

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New style Today programme seems to divide opinion. Is it just old fart politics/news types like me not getting that this is the way forward?

I'm recording audio for The Smear. My sound man said he doesn't like politics/news but was glued to book! Preorder:

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If you actually pay attention to politics/news, John Oliver’s actually kind of patronizing