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My latest looks at the way that arguments about racial justice are becoming central to international politics - touching everything from Xinjiang, to BLM, big power rivalry in Africa and reform of the UN via @FinancialTimes 

As part of a new partnership with @AmandlaMedia  we will be periodically republishing content from their magazine issues. Our first post comes from @Red_Niall  on Left politics in South Africa:

1 April is an important day in South Africa’s pursuit of transparent, accountable democratic politics. The Political Party Funding Act of 2018 comes into effect, requiring both donors and recipients to disclose donations of R100 000 and more.

The “Women in politics: 2021” map is out. #DYK  ? Top 5 #African  countries with most #women  in ✅Parliament are: RW Rwanda ZA S. Africa NA Namibia SN Senegal MZ Mozambique ✅Government are: RW Rwanda GW Guin.-Bissau ZA S. Africa ET Ethiopia NA Namibia

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Imperialist Past That Started Dam Politics Between Egypt, Sudan and... @TC_Africa : #Africa 

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Continent Lags On 2030 Global Goal of Gender Parity in Politics: #Africa 

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John #Magafuli  , President of Tanzania , is dead. He most likely died of COVID-19. He was Africa's most prominent COVID-denialist leader /2 Apart from this, he also promoted an anticorruption politics as a cover for a sharp authoritarianism

The obstacles to women's liberation in Africa: The South African political scientist @ShireenHassim  ( Gender and African Politics professor at @Carleton_U ) breaks it down to @_SeanJacobs  and @Shokispeare  .

After competing for 27 years, former All Africa Games champion Leah Malot is racing into politics.

Politics costs money everywhere, but the link between cash and power is especially corrosive in Nigeria and across much of Africa


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Barack Obama: "Too much of politics today seems to reject the very concept of objective truth" Former US president takes aim at fake news during his #MandelaLecture  in South Africa

Africa's problem is that we never discuss ideology, focusing so much on diplomacy. I totally disagree with politics that focus on ethnic federalism. We must emphasise the issue of oneness and common interests because it is the only way we can prosper.

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“Putin’s Chef,” the architect of U.S. election interference in 2016, now meddling in politics across Africa, Facebook says

"I pay attention to politics and technology. Think about why [Muammar] Gaddafi got killed. That has a lot to do with why Bitcoin is working. Gaddafi was trying to get Africa to stop accepting fiat currencies from the United States and Europe."

There are Kristallnachts going on now in Syria, in Yemen, in Africa, around the world...and there are families, young boys and girls, who are being left to suffer and die because of the cheap, racist politics of our leaders. Maybe that's something we should remember today.

Two things going on at once with Trump's South Africa tweet: He's tapping into white identity politics AND he's governing by watching Fox News.

The new generation should start researching and change our "brainwashed" thinking on politics or else Africa will stay way back until the end of time ...

Only if the media can go behind the scenes and see the politics in the music industry (Africa) yall gon applaud each and every act out here ??

Sorry, sometimes sports shd not be above politics, as when world ostracised apartheid S.Africa. We must not legitimise terror-sponsor state?