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Politico Gets Dragged By Media Figures, Conservatives, and White House Staff for Deep Dive on VP Kamala Harris and AirPods

A vaccine that will protect against any coronavirus “is the only way to stop reacting to each Greek letter,” says @EricTopol  via @politico .

Most voters back abortion rights but are not swayed by threat to Roe, poll finds @AliceOllstein  / Politico)

Democrats fall flat with ‘Latinx’ language via @politico 

White House officials met with Google, AT&T, Cloudflare, Mandiant, and others in Silicon Valley to discuss combating state-sponsored hackers and criminal gangs @ericgeller  / Politico)

Employers are required to display notices about federal laws prohibiting job discrimination. The EEOC offers the information for free in printable posters that are available in four languages. #EEO 

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A recent article by Politico alleges that Vice President Kamala Harris is "Bluetooth-phobic". Here is all you need to know about whether these concerns are justified.

Many San Francisco restaurants and bars say they feel blindsided after receiving warnings and notices of code violations because of their outdoor parklets.


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Politico’s coverage of Biden was THREE TIMES AS NEGATIVE as its overall coverage in November, our sentiment analysis found, @RyanLizza 

POLITICO reporter @SchreckReports  has a new book *confirming* the emails from Hunter Biden's laptop about Joe Biden's business deals in China & Ukraine are genuine. People complaining about pre-election censorship by Google in Russia cheered Big Tech's censoring this reporting.

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When I @Google  “Nunes memo,” the first page of results are from The Atlantic, WaPo, Lawfare, Politico, CNN and NPR. If Google is trying to weed out disinformation, why are they giving me results that are filled with disinfo from news outlets that we now know got it all wrong?

Wow. A top Trump appointee, Paul Alexander, repeatedly urged top health officials to adopt a "herd immunity" approach to Covid-19 and allow millions of Americans to be infected by the virus, according to Politico. "We want them infected," he said.

The fact Politico gave prime real estate to Ben Shapiro the day after he claimed *everyone* has zip tie restraints at home in an attempt to minimize the Capitol riots and it all being sponsored by the oil and gas lobby tells you more about DC than any newsletter scoop could.

Speaking of election lies, I’m reminded that Dominion has sent “preservation” notices to the following, telling them to preserve all relevant documents and communication: Melissa Carone Maria Bartiromo Lou Dobbs Greg Kelly Sean Hannity Rush Limbaugh Newsmax OAN Fox News...

Politico scoop: ‘We want them infected’: Trump appointee demanded ‘herd immunity’ strategy, emails reveal

Biden did poorly in big cities (Politico), except those of Detroit (more votes than people!), Philadelphia, Atlanta and Milwaukee, which he had to win. Not surprisingly, they are all located in the most important swing states, and are long known for being politically corrupt!

Police Groups Break With Biden” @politico  His handlers want him to “Defund the Police.” I want more money for Law Enforcement!

Intel chief releases info on ‘unmasking’ of Flynn to Capitol Hill via @politico