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If you're a political junkie and stay in tonight, check out @PBS  @washingtonweek . Four aces will join me to discuss their reporting on the 2020 campaign. You know @ayesharascoe  from NPR. @jonathanvswan  is a scoop machine. And @WeijiaJiangTV @peterbakernyt & excel on the WH beat.

The Political Junkie! @BarbaraPerryUVA  on America's fascination with #TheKennedys  and an update on the campaigns of Amy (NJ House) & Joe (Mass. Senate).

The Political Junkie! Amy Howe@AHoweBlogger ) on the historic role #JohnRoberts  plays on the Supreme Court (spoiler alert: he is not a liberal).

Neal Conan will be on the Political Junkie this week, talking VP hopefuls. While we're not equipped to take live phoners -- this ain't TOTN -- if you have a question for Neal you can record a message at 316-536-9646. We may play it on the show this week for Neal to answer. Call!

This button is the answer to last week's Political Junkie trivia question. To see the question -- as well as this week's query -- go to

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The Political Junkie! @nathanlgonzales  of @InsideElections  on the future of primary/election nights and the rise of progressives in Democratic primaries.

The Political Junkie! @GovHowardDean  reflects back on his 2004 presidential run, analyzing what went right and what went wrong (hint: it had nothing to do with the scream).

The Political Junkie! @FloydCiruli  on whether #JohnHickenlooper  can limit his gaffes between now and Tuesday to win the Dem primary in the Colorado Senate race.

The Political Junkie! Remember when Trump mocked Hillary's pneumonia-based near collapse? Marco's adventure with a water bottle? Biden's stamina? It all came back to bite him this week.


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“You know, some people geek out to actual rock stars,” Mr. Buttigieg said. “For me, it was seeing people who I’d only watched on TV.' He cited Donna Brazile." The Political Junkie Runs for President

If Super Tuesday doesn't get you excited, you are not a political junkie.

Lethal threat? The guy can hardly remember his own name. No offense meant but seriously.. As a political junkie and a lover of good tv, I’d welcome a Biden v Trump debate schedule. ???

#ElectionsWithHT #ContestAlertAre  you a political junkie? Congratulations, you just won an iPhone! Well, not yet. 30 minutes to go for our first question. Wake up, Twitter! #HaryanaAssemblyPolls  #MaharashtraAssemblyPolls  #AssemblyElections2019 

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Not exactly a political junkie yet. "I'm going to stay up to watch grandpa dad" #maga  #trump …

Average person: 2020 seems so far away. Supposed political junkie: 2020 WOOO. Next level junkie: Forget 2020, let's talk LA governor! High level junkie: So how about this weirdo Public Advocate special(s) in NYC?

If you’re a political junkie, stay tuned I’m about to drop some tea.

SIX days to Election2016! I'm a (Admitted) Political Junkie so... here's a quick look at the Trump path(s) to victory via electoral map:

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