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INTRO: Nigeria Health Watch started advocating for better funding for epidemic preparedness in 2018. With the various pressing health needs Nigeria faces, it was difficult for policymakers to at first understand why the country should allocate funds to #PreventEpidemicsNaija 

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🤱 It is #WorldBreastfeedingWeek ! 🤱 This week commemorates the Innocenti Declaration signed in 1990 by policymakers, @WHO , @UNICEF  and other organizations to protect, promote and support breastfeeding.

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Join us for our next STAT Summit as we assemble top executives, policymakers, and researchers working at the intersection of health and technology. Learn more about our #STATHealthTech  Summit here: #healthcare  #HealthTech  #health 

#Coronavirus is reshaping global value chains, and protectionist policies only make disruptions worse. Policymakers need to look outward. Tackling these challenges requires global cooperation. Let's get to work! #COVID19 

Startups, transit agencies, and policymakers are eager to see “Mobility as a Service" apps that let travelers choose multiple modes — and give up private cars. But revenue has been elusive via @CityLab 

Now, economists and policymakers say, the real work begins: reviving Latin America’s No. 3 economy from its currency and fiscal crises.

According to @krogoff  of @Harvard , the #COVID19  crisis, by accelerating the shift toward cashless payments, is placing competitive pressure on central banks. If monetary policymakers want to shape the path of innovation, they need to start moving fast.

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“For some states, integrity may be the priority while others will emphasize safety. Ultimately the options chosen by a given state will reflect the priorities of state policymakers and elections officials, as well as the constraints of existing policies and laws.” — @QHodgson 

This summer, in a clash high in the Himalayas, the Indian military couldn't keep the PLA from killing 20 of its soldiers. But Indian economists and policymakers are now exacting revenge against Beijing through a "digital strike." #AsiaInsight 

The Australian state of Victoria has imposed draconian new lockdown measures to combat a surge in COVID-19 cases. Some American policymakers are calling for similar actions here.


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As she often does, @SenWarren  provides a cogent summary of how federal policymakers should be thinking about the pandemic in the coming months.

We can't deny that racial and socioeconomic factors are playing a role in who is being hit the hardest by the virus. It's a reminder for our policymakers to keep our most vulnerable communities at the forefront when making decisions.

This impressive new tool from @IHME_UW  will help hospitals, policymakers, and the general public better understand and prepare for the #COVID19  response in the U.S.

Do policymakers realize that without fulltime school this fall, parents are screwed and everything will fall apart? I get that it's a hard problem! I don't know the answer, but anything approaching "normal" is not possible for working parents while homeschooling.

US policymakers learning widespread mask usage would virtually end the pandemic:

I think it is important to say that the reason we’re even having this conversation — the reason we’re talking about a trade-off — is because federal policymakers chose not to embrace the open-ended spending that could sustain a lockdown.

White House economists projected *last September* that a pandemic in the United States could kill 500k and inflict up to $4T in damage to the economy. They warned policymakers against conflating those risks with the cost of the common flu.

Denying climate change won’t make it go away. The job of the intelligence agencies is to tell policymakers the truth, not what they want to hear. And that’s what they did, despite White House efforts to muzzle them. We will get to the bottom of this.

Google is killing an absolutely critical protection for people in places like Iran, China, and Russia trying to reach uncensored news and chat. That this can slide without any opposition from US policy-makers is the epitaph on the US internet freedom agenda's grave.

. claims U.S. is the most taxed country. Actually, it's 28th. Making policy is hard when policymakers don’t know the facts

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