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Police in England & Wales in “danger” of becoming “overwhelmed” by increasing number of 999 calls. Policing watchdog @HMICgov  report says public made 11% more emergency calls in 2 years after “losing confidence” in 101 service....

Mike McCormack announced he is retiring as head of the Toronto Police Union after 11 years in the role. @dwightdrummond  sat down with him about why he is leaving now, the state of policing in Toronto and who he thinks should take on his job. More:

If you need to speak to a police officer about a crime or a policing matter, contact or attend your local police station. In an emergency, always call 📞Triple Zero (000). 4/4

Calls for police reform continue. What’s the best way forward for American policing? Four writers share their thoughts in the latest Atlantic Daily:

A human rights organization at the coast has invited the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) to investigate cases of extrajudicial killings and police brutality in Tana River County.

India’s George Floyds: custodial deaths raise question of who’s policing the police

A History of Policing in America. "Do white people in America still want the police to protect their interests over the rights and dignity and lives of Black and, in too many cases, brown, Indigenous, and Asian populations in this country?"

THE HISTORY: Systemic racism permeates too many of our police departments in this country and has existed in policing for generations. The work for true justice and real police reform began long before the police shooting death of #MichaelBrown . #SayHisName 

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Boston and other cities are scrutinizing law enforcement gear, amid activists' calls to defund the police. Armored vehicles are a big target because, to some, they are hulking symbols of militarized policing that too often targets people of color:

It wasn’t until Eric Garner’s death that the labor movement started to acknowledge racism in policing. But more existential questions about police unions are still taboo.


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It couldn’t be more clear that the Republicans’ attempt to pass their watered-down policing bill is meant to derail meaningful reform. Who do you trust on police reform—Mitch McConnell or the 138 civil rights groups who oppose the Republican bill?

More than 17 misconduct complaints were filed against Officer Chauvin, but he stayed on the force for years. That is outrageous. George Floyd would still be alive if we had real police accountability. We need a massive overhaul of policing in America.

I just signed legislation requiring New York State Police officers to wear body cameras while on patrol & creating the Law Enforcement Misconduct Investigative Office. These new laws will help promote accountability & improve transparency in policing. It all starts with trust.

Don’t let the media put you to sleep again. It’s noting wrong with Policing the police.

NEW: Congressional Democrats unveil policing legislation; would ban chokeholds, no-knock warrants in drug cases; would create federal registry for misconduct complaints against officers; would limit transfer of military-grade equipment to police depts.

Stopping police violence must be a priority in this country if we are to ever come to terms with America’s history of racial injustice. Congress must address deadly use of force by police and reform policing practices. #BlackLivesMatter 

Trump's policing Executive Order is meaningless. Since day one he's used racially charged rhetoric all while rolling back efforts to root out racism in policing and virtually abandoning police misconduct investigations. We need real reforms. Pass the Justice in Policing Act now.

My stepbrother is a police LT. For 25 years he’s put his life on the line to protect his inner city cmmty.These blanket statements re cops being racist & the refusal by some to admit how dangerous policing is are grossly unfair. Some are bad;the vast majority deserve our respect.

My Justice in Policing Act will: ✅Set a national standard for use of force ✅Expand independent investigations into police misconduct ✅Establish a national police misconduct registry ✅Require states to report use of force incidents ✅Ban “no knock” warrants in drug cases

The federal government has the power to investigate police departments with a history of discriminatory policing. But racist former AG Jeff Sessions took away @TheJusticeDept ’s tools to force those police departments to reform. We can change that.