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"We're at a turning point for policing in America, and we must tell police officers that they cannot act outside the bounds of the law. At no point should a carload of children EVER be fired upon in this state. " - @AttorneyGriggs  @NAACPGA () amplifies our demand for justice.

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U.S. Department of Justice officials announced Tuesday that they’re offering to collaborate with the Minneapolis police as part of a new initiative to assist police departments with training or other policing practices.

With Beacon Hill Dems unable to agree on a policing reform bill, Mayor Walsh sends them a new proposal to give police hiring preference in the city to Boston residents who graduated from Boston high schools. #bospoli  #mapoli 

NOW: Department of Justice officials are holding a press conference to announce a new national policing initiative and agreement with the Mpls. Police Department. Watch live:

Police dogs in Indianapolis began as part of riot training amid a culture of racial turmoil and aggressive policing. Ripples of the past continue today.

The US Dept. of Justice plans to announce a new "national policing initiative" and an agreement with the Minneapolis Police Department Tuesday. |

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Despite several recent protests railing against brutality and racism in policing, public satisfaction with the New Orleans Police Department ticked up a bit over the past year, the New Orleans Crime Coalition said. Take a look at the survey results: 🔻

New Police Chief Dustin Liston will start in January, when city staff will have already presented their new policing model. The city manager says that report will be reviewed and amended, giving Liston time to comment.

Among the police and criminal justice reform measures were proposals that would change policing methods, impose new disciplinary actions for law enforcement and reduce penalties of certain crimes.

CBA Foundation lends voice against police brutality, backs effective policing, good governance


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SAY HER NAME: BREONNA TAYLOR. Our current justice & policing system has failed. It has failed to keep us safe, even in our own homes. It has failed to protect Black people or stem the tide of racist police violence. And today, it has failed to deliver justice for #BreonnaTaylor .

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Fact-check: Vice President Pence falsely claimed Joe Biden supports defunding the police. That's not true — Biden has instead proposed a $300 million cash infusion to support community policing and employing more social workers alongside police officers.

It couldn’t be more clear that the Republicans’ attempt to pass their watered-down policing bill is meant to derail meaningful reform. Who do you trust on police reform—Mitch McConnell or the 138 civil rights groups who oppose the Republican bill?

More than 17 misconduct complaints were filed against Officer Chauvin, but he stayed on the force for years. That is outrageous. George Floyd would still be alive if we had real police accountability. We need a massive overhaul of policing in America.

Don’t let the media put you to sleep again. It’s noting wrong with Policing the police.

NEW: Congressional Democrats unveil policing legislation; would ban chokeholds, no-knock warrants in drug cases; would create federal registry for misconduct complaints against officers; would limit transfer of military-grade equipment to police depts.

Stopping police violence must be a priority in this country if we are to ever come to terms with America’s history of racial injustice. Congress must address deadly use of force by police and reform policing practices. #BlackLivesMatter 

Trump's policing Executive Order is meaningless. Since day one he's used racially charged rhetoric all while rolling back efforts to root out racism in policing and virtually abandoning police misconduct investigations. We need real reforms. Pass the Justice in Policing Act now.

My stepbrother is a police LT. For 25 years he’s put his life on the line to protect his inner city cmmty.These blanket statements re cops being racist & the refusal by some to admit how dangerous policing is are grossly unfair. Some are bad;the vast majority deserve our respect.

My Justice in Policing Act will: ✅Set a national standard for use of force ✅Expand independent investigations into police misconduct ✅Establish a national police misconduct registry ✅Require states to report use of force incidents ✅Ban “no knock” warrants in drug cases