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In other words, in the midst of a pandemic, in the midst of an economic meltdown for working families, in the midst of a great struggle regarding systemic racism and police brutality, in the midst of the existential threat of climate change...

WATCH: Ohio teenagers are pushing for change by writing letters to police brutality victims. @rehemaellis  reports for @NBCNightlyNews .

Soulful R&B singer Macy Gray@MacyGraysLife ) is lending a hand to people who've been affected by #police  brutality.

To balance CNN’s woman who moved to Mexico to escape police brutality, here’s a Mexican woman who became an American citizen and is voting for Trump

After repeatedly getting backlash from netizens over his support for the Hong Kong police amid allegations of police brutality, Alan Tam has reportedly deleted his social media accounts.

CNN offers up further proof that America sucks by spotlighting African-American woman who moved to Mexico to escape police brutality

A look at Thursday's front page: – 'Still covered in blood': Lebanon launches a probe into ammonium nitrate storage as the explosion's death toll rises to 135. – Protest leader ends 52-year political dynasty in Missouri race: Cori Bush is an activist against police brutality.

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Four people have been charged with stealing at least 27 firearms from a Bay Area gun store on a night in May when thousands of people took to the streets to protest police brutality.

A majority of Seattle’s City Council voted down a proposal to slash the police department’s remaining 2020 budget by 50 percent. The vote by the budget committee was a setback for Black Lives Matter and anti-police brutality advocates.

WATCH: Ohio teenagers are pushing for change by writing letters to police brutality victims. @rehemaellis  reports for @NBCNightlyNews .


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Police have arrested at least 1,669 people across the U.S. during protests over police brutality, according to an @AP  tally. They have not arrested: 3 of the 4 officers involved in the killing of #GeorgeFloyd . Any officers involved in the killing of #BreonnaTaylor .

The amount of police brutality at the anti-police brutality protests is proving a lot of points.

Can we all just admit this: The transformational changes that covid, the economic crisis, police brutality and racial turbulence will force are precisely some of the things Bernie Sanders was talking about but may have sounded too extreme to some just months ago.

Thousands of people in Philadelphia continue to protest racism and police brutality following the death of George Floyd. Crowds in Center City stretched from the steps of the Art Museum and past the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul.

BREAKING: 54 African countries are calling for an urgent meeting by the UN Human Rights Council into police brutality and violence against peaceful protest.

We don’t have to share a Black person’s positive attributes when conveying that they died unjustly at the hands of police. A criminal background is no excuse for police brutality. Neither is sagging pants or a short skirt. Or a “bad attitude.” Black people deserve to live.

This Pride Month we say: LGBTQ+ rights are civil rights. There is no place in this country for discrimination, police brutality, or hatred towards LBGTQ+ Americans. We will never stop fighting for equality.

Expecting equal justice and being against police brutality is NOT “being political”. It’s called basic empathy. I’m sorry if my opinions on these things are “too radical” for a couple of you. Go in peace. Also Trump is a monster!

We want everyone to understand that #BlackLivesMatter  and we will signal boost all efforts to underscore that the BLM campaign is the main FOCUS. THIS isn't about Anonymous hacking; it's about police brutality, it's about an unjust racist system.

Please stop calling it an anthem or flag protest. It's a police brutality or inequality protest.