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A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in north Belfast on suspicion of attempted fraud and impersonating a police officer

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IE Northern #Ireland ’s capital has been plagued by familiar scenes: rioting, the gray shells of burned-out cars, injured police officers. ▪️ However, Belfast#Jewish  community is not overly concerned about the new conflict that boiled over with #Brexit .

Recent days have seen disgraceful & senseless violence in Northern Ireland. Nearly 90 police officers have been injured. Politicians across the @HouseofCommons  came together this afternoon to condemn the violence & underline the importance of the Belfast Good Friday agreement.

A man allegedly threw a petrol bomb and tried to inflict serious harm on police during rioting in Belfast, a court has heard.

A man arrested by police investigating a suspected double stabbing in west Belfast allegedly threatened to kill a woman and set fire to her home, a court has heard.

Belfast man accused of throwing petrol bomb at police remanded in custody

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Police are appealing for information following the sighting of three masked men, one of which was reported to have been carrying a large blade, in north Belfast.

Police appeal after two men stabbed in west Belfast

As 13yos attack the police in Belfast.. Union in peril as PM ‘speaks for England alone’, former civil servant warns

Calm night in #Belfast  with no clashes with police observed on Saturday evening


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To put last night into context, here’s Belfast this morning. No police presence, just people walking their dogs, going for a run, getting their morning coffee. This isn’t a conflict zone, it’s a city with a few pockets of trouble which a lot of people are trying hard to calm.

Rioters set a hijacked bus on fire and hurled gasoline bombs at police in Belfast in Northern Ireland, where Brexit has unsettled an uneasy political balance. Protestants and Catholics hurled objects in both directions over the concrete “peace wall.”

Gangs of youths threw stones and fireworks at police in Belfast who hit back with water cannons as violence flared again in Northern Ireland. Unrest has erupted amid post-Brexit tensions and worsening relations within the Protestant-Catholic government.

There have been fresh disturbances in Belfast, where police officers have come under attack from Loyalist youths in the Shankill Road area. A city bus was petrol bombed and hijacked and a press photographer was assaulted | Read more:

Thinking of the bus driver, all the people caught up in this terrible and mindless violence in their community in Belfast, the police and others trying to restore calm. The Prime Minister cannot continue to sit idly by, offering no leadership and taking no responsibility.

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Police under attack tonight again, this time in Newtownabbey, just outside Belfast.

Police searching for a 14-year-old boy who went missing in north Belfast two days ago have urged people to check their property for him

Police in Belfast, Maine, made an unusual arrest over the weekend.

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Sky Sources: Britain First leader Paul Golding has been arrested by police in Belfast investigating speeches made at a rally in the city in August