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During WW2 close to 20,000 Poles found refuge in Africa after surviving imprisonment in Soviet labour camps. Casimir Szczepanik arrived as a child in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe. He recalls his life there and the impact the war still has on him

Pole fires will be possible as the rain falls on poles with accumulated salt and grime in areas where rain hasn't been seen or significant in quite some time... #wawx 

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🇪🇺 "Poles will learn, as we did, that the choice is between membership of a new polity, a state-in-the-making, and secession" | Writes@DanielJHannan 

Poles protest one year after court ruling restricted abortion rights

Cell towers are vulnerable to sustained power outages. The same goes for cellular equipment on power poles and buildings at risk of extreme shaking, liquefaction and fire, the USGS said.

The 1921 Tarpon Springs/Tampa Bay Hurricane had devastating impacts on the Downtown Tampa area. Storm surge of 11 feet inundated the downtown area all the way into portions of Ybor City, and hurricane force winds toppled power poles and damaged roofs.

In Chamoli dist, due to heavy rain many roads, electricity poles, water supply got affected but many of them restored & rest will be restored soon. Today Central govt team arrived for assessing the damage. We're trying to get back to normalcy as soon as possible: Uttarakhand CM

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#India gets one of its first locally-made #fitness  poles, thanks to three engineering graduates who have turned Ambattur’s auto ecosystem into a base for manufacturing home-workout equipment, writes @SwetaScribbles 

READER LETTER | Stop stealing and meet government halfway: The government builds roads, puts steel rails on bridges, we steal them; puts stop signs, we vandalise them. It plants trees, we chop them for “amapali" – poles to go build our “imikhukhu”.

Whether you go fishing with poles or your beak, the Arkansas River is an anglers paradise. But with the new dam going up, there's worry it may not stay that way.


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To be clear: The danger in Poland is not that there will be a referendum on EU memberhsip, as in the UK; Poles would vote to stay. The danger is that the ruling party unilaterally leaves the EU, in order to preserve its ability to break the constitution and to destroy democracy.

The collapse of the Soviet Union was NOT the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century. Today in Georgia I want to say loud and clear: the USSR collapse was a blessing to Georgians, Poles, Ukrainians and the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. And also to Russians.

Good morning from Philly where crews from the city are greasing the light poles with Crisco to prevent #Eagles  fans from climbing after the #NFCChampionshipGame  tonight. #Vikings  pregame coverage starts at 3 on FOX9. They call themselves the #CriscoCops 

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100 POLES! I can’t even begin to describe how this feels. I can’t thank the team and everyone back at the factory enough for everything they’ve done to help us secure this incredible milestone. I feel so humbled and very grateful. This feels like my first win all over again ???

After the mob stormed the capitol and beat people with hockey sticks and flag poles, and chanted "Hang Mike Pence!" and prowled around looking for members of congress to kill or capture, a majority of GOP members of congress came back into the chamge and voted with the mob!

Agility. Just wait for the weave-poles...

Today in Myanmar, "hundreds of protesters the Hledan area of Yangon." Many "wore construction helmets, [and] dragged bamboo poles and debris to form barricades to impede...arrests." They "chanted slogans and sang songs at the police lines."

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We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Poles are closed!

Traffic lights that illuminate the poles to help drivers see better

90 @F1  poles. Let that sink in... ❤️

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