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President Joe Biden is helping the cause of marijuana legalization by staying out of it. Taking a stand on legalization would only polarize the issue, writes @jbview 

Rep. @RoKhannaUSA  says if you try and expand the Supreme Court right now it's going to further polarize and tear the country apa #TheBrianKilmeadeShowt  @foxnewsradio .

#NewsAlert | Sitalkuchi violence: HM Amit Shah alleges that West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee only paid tributes to 4 out of the 5 victims. TMC hits back; calls it an attempt by HM Shah to polarize & spread misinformation. Tamal Saha with details. | #May2WithTimesNow 

While the campaign had rhetoric that appeared to polarize the people, the fissures weren’t visible.

"The divisions that polarizeCatholics stem from political options that grow into ideologies," the papal preacher said on #GoodFriday 

JUST PUBLISHED: "Human Rights Will Continue to Polarize Washington and Seoul on North Korea" from @Korea_Center 's @OliviaGrotenhu1 

The bill’s broad popularity among low and middle-income Americans suggests Republicans have to move aggressively to polarize it or give up entirely and change subject

“Democrats need to try to fight the tendency of the electorate to polarize along the lines of educational attainment rather than income.” @mattyglesias 

"Most voters are not liberals. If we polarize the electorate on ideology — or if nationally prominent Democrats raise the salience of issues that polarize the electorate on ideology — we’re going to lose a lot of votes, " says @davidshor 

Commissioner VanOstenbridge “she’s apologized. She’s accepted responsibility for her actions...I feel like we are starting to go in the right direction. I feel like this is to polarize what’s happening.” @FOX13News  #manatee 


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Whether you loved him or hated him-and there are very few people in between-Rush Limbaugh was indisputably a force of historic proportions. Over the past three decades,he did as much to polarize our politics as anyone and laid the groundwork for Trump and Trumpism.

They have really really telegraphed what they’re up to: 1) polarize mail-in vs in person voting. 2) declare victory before votes are counted 3) work to stop votes from being counted.

Whether he's actually aware of it or not Trump's play here seems to be: 1) Polarize mail-in voting so that his voters are more likely to vote in-person on election day 2) Declare victory election night 3) Fight against counting mail-in ballots bc they're fraudulent/tainted

@maddow  on Pres. Trump: "He lives for our outrage, it's his one neat trick for political gain and dominating the media -- outage, distract, polarize, divide radicalize, demoralize, rinse, repeat."

To characterize AIPAC as a racist platform is offensive, divisive, and dangerous to Israel - America’s most important ally in the Middle East - and to Jews. How can Bernie profess he's the path to unity when he's already managed to polarize a people and a party? #DemDebate 

Those attacking or abusing #Kashmiris  citizens in heartland are NOT being patriotic. They are in fact the ones being anti national. Because they are playing into what terrorists want - to polarize, communalize and divide . Focus on the adversary. STOP THIS #KashmirTerrorAttack 

This fight w/ the squad is exactly where Trump wants 2020 fought. The more media/Dems engage him, the better for him. All this fight does is re-polarize the partisans and leaves the up-for-grabs voters (who want to hear about bread-butter issues ) tuned out.

It IS hard to understand, if you start with "what the president says is news." Begin here: His political style is to divide the country, polarize our politics, confuse and misinform the public, discredit the press— and "what the president says is news" helps him do it. Now what?

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