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Mini Mike Bloomberg, after making a total fool of himself as he got badly beaten up by Pocahontas and the Democrats in the Primaries, is at it again. He tried to buy an Election and went away with a major case of Depression. Now he’s throwing money at the Dems, looking for a job!

Early crash on Pocahontas Parkway in Chesterfield leaves 2 injured #ChesterfieldCounty  #Virginia 

Frost Advisories have been issued for Pocahontas and Highland County. Some patchy frost can't be ruled out for valleys to the west. #wvva  #vawx 

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In addition to the Poplar Bluff hospital, veterans can get shots at the Paragould and Pocahontas VA clinics.

Officials hope re-construction of the Pocahontas Municipal Airport will bring an economic boom to the county.

I thought Mini Mike was through with Democrat politics after spending almost 2 Billion Dollars, and then giving the worst and most inept Debate Performance in the history of Presidential Politics. Pocahontas ended his political career on first question, OVER! Save NYC instead.

A 36-year-old man was shot to death Saturday afternoon in Gentilly. Neighbors said the man was attempting to break into a home in the 2900 block of Pocahontas Street when he was shot, but NOPD officials could not confirm the neighbors' version of events.

pocahontas'>Watched Pocahontas tonight so I started reading up on the real one. Tell me what I’ve missed: She helped the white people They kidnapped her and converted her to Christianity She married one them, had a kid Went to England and got some kind of disease Dead by 21

Find out how close the vote got tonight in Pocahontas for the millage increase >>

1. It was a nice play. 2. A tip of the cap to Connor Baker of Pocahontas for his plea #WeAreRegion8  #CaringMatters 


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Crazy Bernie Sanders is not a fighter. He gives up too easy! The Dem establishment gets Alfred E. Newman (Mayor Pete) & @amyklobuchar  to quit & endorse Sleepy Joe BEFORE Super Tuesday, & gets Pocahontas to stay in the race, taking thousands of votes from Bernie. He would have....

Pocahontas, working in conjunction with the Democrat Party, totally destroyed the campaign of Bernie Sanders. If she would have quit 3 days earlier, Sanders would have beaten Biden in a route, it wouldn’t even have been close. They also got two other losers to support Sleepy Joe!

Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, is having a really bad night. I think she is sending signals that she wants out. Calling for unity is her way of getting there, going home, and having a “nice cold beer” with her husband!

Elizabeth “PocahontasWarren, other than Mini Mike, was the loser of the night. She didn’t even come close to winning her home state of Massachusetts. Well, now she can just sit back with her husband and have a nice cold beer!

I will Veto the Defense Authorization Bill if the Elizabeth “PocahontasWarren (of all people!) Amendment, which will lead to the renaming (plus other bad things!) of Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee, and many other Military Bases from which we won Two World Wars, is in the Bill!

Seriously failed presidential candidate, Senator ElizabethPocahontasWarren, just introduced an Amendment on the renaming of many of our legendary Military Bases from which we trained to WIN two World Wars. Hopefully our great Republican Senators won’t fall for this!

Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!

Elizabeth “PocahontasWarren, who was going nowhere except into Mini Mike’s head, just dropped out of the Democrat Primary...THREE DAYS TOO LATE. She cost Crazy Bernie, at least, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas. Probably cost him the nomination! Came in third in Mass.

Wow! If Elizabeth Warren wasn’t in the race, Bernie Sanders would have EASILY won Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas, not to mention various other states. Our modern day Pocahontas won’t go down in history as a winner, but she may very well go down as the all time great SPOILER!