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#Column | A strategy to escape the clutches of Google’s Play Store isn’t too difficult to craft. Alternate app stores for Android can be created, for example, as Huawei and others have already done, writes @moysphere 

Buyers of Farm produce do not be left out. Join the largest network of buyers in Kenya to buy directly from farmers! Just download the Farm Kenya app via Apple Store Link: Google Play store Link: @FarmsterApp  @Farmers_Tv 

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Be sure to have latest version of AIRLIVE mobile app to receive notification in case of breaking news. Apple store or Google Play store:

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@Google held its first meeting with Indian app developers today following weeks of backlash over its @GooglePlayPlay  store billing poli @MugdhaVariyarETy . reports

Apple will soon remove Stadium, an app that allows players to natively play games from Google's Stadia streaming service on their iOS device using some code trickery, from the App Store.

#BigBrother : The Game is available now! Download the game and become a virtual housemate today: App Store (Apple): Google Play (Android):

I’m a bit confused, so because we play in the NBA and have a salary we can’t talk politics? But how you earn your salary as a doctor, janitor, lawyer, teacher, plumber, store manager, cashier, entrepreneur, server etc. automatically makes you more qualified to discuss politics?

This week's #SFAFeed  stories include topics like, "Inventive Blue Cheeses," "Parent, Child Teams Launch Food Businesses," and "Local Focus Seen as Key to Earth Fare’s Comeback." 📲 Download the #SFAFeed  app on the App Store or Google Play today!

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Norwood, MA: This young man went into an antique store & asked the clerk if he could play the piano. Ppl loved it so much that when owner saw the video, he knew the man should have this piano. Now they’re trying to find him. Twitter do your thing!🌎❤️

More and more the Radical Left is using Commerce to hurt their “Enemy.” They put out the name of a store, brand or company, and ask their so-called followers not to do business there. They don’t care who gets hurt, but also don’t understand that two can play that game!

Remember to thank the heroes who are serving so selflessly right now - from doctors & nurses to grocery store staff and delivery people. I play an action hero in the movies - they are the real action heroes.

8.19 1. go to your App Store (iTunes or Google Play) 2. download ARTPOP app FREE 3. buy 'APPLAUSE' single + PreOrder Album ARTPOP via APP

Google has removed #Remove ChinaApps from its play store. Is it pressure from China? Google CEO @sundarpichai  will know it better.

Use ’s marathon store app over certain images in his “Celebration of Life” book and you’ll see hidden content/videos play. ?

people of wellington..we have a one direction store opening to today beside the arena where we play sunday.go get ur stuff ready for the gig

Reuters reports that Google is pulling Huawei’s Android license. That’s a huge development. Will mean Huawei loses Android updates immediately, and no more Google Play Store access. Wow

its crazy how unknown our lives are. we dont have a single clue whats in store. we just play it day by day and see what fate brings our way.