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Let’s just take a moment to reflect again on our 2019 Championship and Plant Guy. Thanks for the memory, @MarkCarcGlobal  #WeTheNorth  @Raptors 

People are surprised that the same guy who used to call tabloid reporters pretending to be someone else to plant a story about himself sat for an interview with Bob Woodward

The guy probably has a hi tolerance to toxic chemical... A lot of kids ODed on the same sh*t Tim Leary took daily 🥺 RT Drug Pitched to Trump for Covid-19 Comes From a Deadly Plant

Tree / plant Twitter - help! Got this beautiful fiddle leaf tree a couple months ago bc I am a millennial. Was told by nursery guy to water 36 oz every two weeks. But now leaves are falling off 😭 advice? Two angles of our 🌳 today.

Best part of “Fear City” (which was pretty good) is the guy whose job it was to pretend to be cable/phone guy in order to plant the bug in the mafia bosses houses. That takes some Free Solo-level courage.

"He is not a radical guy, he is for what’s right" The coach who recruited @smart_MS3  to @OSUMBB  gives insight on how Marcus Smart became Marcus Smart. (My favorite: He'd plant compliments of other teams' stars in the scouting reports to tick off Smart.)

More video of fire in #Iran  its been widely confirmed now by local media. The guy filming here claims the fire is near the #Tabriz  thermal and gas power plant Eastern Azerbaijan.. Others have said cellphone plant

Can anyone please advise (in very simple layman’s terms) on what to do with this leggy guy? I am a bad plant mother ☹️ thanks!

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One year ago today, Plant Guy handed out plants to both @Drake  and Kawhi 🪴😂


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"What kind of plant is that?" "It's a plant for Kawhi, it's a Kawhi plant... A Kawhactus" Never forget Plant Guy 🤣🤣

Kawhi finally got his Kawhactus from Plant Guy. ?? (via @RaptorsGirls )

Plant Guy delivered Kawhi his housewarming gift ?? (via @NBA )

Plant Guy was handing out the plants to both @Drake  and Kawhi ?

Global News' Mark Carcasole caught up with a Raptors' fan dubbed "Plant Guy" who was carrying a plant that he wanted to give Kawhi Leonard as a housewarming gift. #Raptors  #NBAChamps  #Rapsin6ix  #WeTheNorth 

"It’s a housewarming gift for Kawhi... Have you seen him?” ?? ?? Nobody had a better #NBAFinals  celebration than Plant Guy. (via @EhBeeFamily )

Plant Guy gave plants to Drake and Kawhi during the parade ? (via @TSN_Sports )

My 7 rules for book writing 1. Spelling 2. Have a Frankenstein in it 3. Do not talk about Book Writing 4. Do not talk about Book Writing 5. It should take place on a boat 6. A scene where a guy splits a bullet in half with a sword 7. Have a nice plant on your writing desk

Guy on my Atlanta plane: “George Soros has already put millions in an offshore account for that woman, Christine Blasey Ford. When this all comes out, you’ll find out this whole thing was a plant. I don’t know why they don’t kick him out of the country. He’s not an American