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Transforming Personal Pain Into Positive Action: The Pixel Project’s 16 Female Role Models 2018 #VAW  #Activism 

from press release: “The telescopes' mirrors throw captured light on to a huge, one-billion-pixel camera detector connected to a trio of instruments. This camera is the equivalent to being able measure the thickness of a human hair from 2,000km away.”

Pixel power: iPhone 12 Pro Max is the choice of 2020 for best all-round smartphone

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Smartphone buying guide: Vivo V20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy A71 vs OnePlus Nord vs Google Pixel 4a via @gadgetsnow 

Learn how the founders of Honeydoe Kitchen launched a new meal delivery service using insights from the pixel'>Facebook Pixel. (Brought to you by ) @facebookGBM 

Hi Pixel Friends! This is Raeanne, @qwnofeverything  signing in from Alaska to bring you #VAW  new, info and stats! Thank you for all the RT's of the Helplines! Let's get started!

Hello Pixel friends, and welcome to December. @Newgyptian  signing in here for the next few hours of #VAW  news and info. Stay tuned...

@OllieHolt22  I feel like with offside, once you've got to the point where the VAR team are drawing dotted lines down from armpits and seeing if there is a pixel's width between two lines, it's time to just say: that's too close to be sure, we'll stick with officials' original decision.

Hi Pixel Friends! This is Raeanne@qwnofeverything  signing in from Alaska this evening to bring you #VAW  news, info and stats. Thank you all for the Helpline RT's! Let's get started!

Hi Pixel Friends!! This is Raeanne@qwnofeverything  signing in from Alaska today to bring you #VAW  news, info and stats from around the world. Let's get started!


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It's pixel perfect! ✨In honor of #EarthDay , relive the story of WALL•E in 16-bit.

Things that didn’t exist at the start of this decade: Instagram Snapchat iPad Lyft Slack Alexa Stripe Apple Watch Chromebook Messenger Surface Tinder Pinterest Peloton TikTok Twitch WeWork Nest Ring Pixel Apple Maps AirPods UberEats CandyCrush PokémonGo DJI Phantom Tesla Model S

new merch in danandphilshop! pixel pocket tshirt

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pixel buds'>Google Pixel Buds for $159 can translate 40 languages in real-time in your ear. The Babel Fish is here.

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This is #Pixel . The first phone #madebygoogle , inside and out. Find out more →

Due to a genetic mutation, this Indonesian charcoal-coloured chicken (dubbed the ‘Lamborghini of poultry’) is not only completely black in appearance, but all of its internal organs, muscles, and bones are black as well. (Image: pixel'>Max Pixel)

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ANOTHER HUGE #DILLONSPANTRY  TODAY!!!! I’m giving away this brand new google pixel right out the box it’s such a sick phone idk why i’m even giving it away lol. RT to win

When is out of action, the Pixel 2 plays the perfect co-star. Here’s how our new member takes #teampixela  'paws' from work.

This is the most elaborate and complex google pixel phone ad I have ever seen.

Meet #Pixel  — the first phone designed inside and out by Google. #madebygoogle 

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