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8/ I point mostly at front line people and leaders because they are feeling the crunch the most and first. To use myself as an example, I do too much, say yes too often, and then often don't sleep bc I worry about my newsroom's culture. (Not a pity party, I'm ok, don't worry)

“There’s a lot of sympathy and pity, but there’s not enough empathy. We need more of that—more humility and gratitude. The pandemic has taken me to that place.” – @Pharrell  #TandCSummit 

Governor or not, if a woman is seeking help from you after being raped, won't your eyes become wet? Won't you be anguished? Should Government remain a mere spectator if people are begging for pity & seeking protection from Mamata Banerjee?: Union Minister Smriti Irani

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"I pity my peers that are forced to drop out of school because they are pregnant." 14-year-old Sierra Leonean Mabinty Mambu is empowering and educating girls about teenage pregnancy - and the risks of dropping out of school. #TheSheWord 

I feel pity for all "Iran experts" and "analysts" in the market. But hey! no accountability because they all say the same thing. Choose what to read carefully.

Doug Ford eyeballed his weakest ministers and reshuffled them with an eye to re-election. Pity the premier didn’t look himself in the mirror. My latest on today's underwhelming cabinet overhaul:

Pity first day’s play in the WTC was washed out. Don’t mope. Switch to the women’s Test where debutant Shafali Varma is again going great guns again

‘It’s a pity but it looks like Scotland will make their own fan zones’ – fans swarm central London ahead of Euros clash at Wembley. #ENGSCO 

You alone, I have grieved by my sin; have pity on me, O Lord. #MorningPrayer 

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Letters to The Province, June 18, 2021: Asperger's syndrome — don't pity us, just accept us for who we are


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Within two days of a G7 summit that talked fervently of combatting the climate crisis - The UK manges to find the farthest possible place with which to do its first post BREXIT trade deal - AUSTRALIA! Pity the oceans suffering the shipping consequences.

Have pity: today his mentor disowned him, his publisher fired him, and his GOP colleagues have started openly trashing him.

in the future, those in their late 30's and 40's will look back at their anti-fa moment as humiliation - like members of the Manson family, who thought they were the center of the world, when in fact they were consumed by self-indulgent delusions. they deserve our pity and scorn.

“We are increasingly seen as an object of pity including by our allies. We’re the ones creating all this, it’s the not the Russians, the Chinese or anyone else; we’re doing this to ourselves." -Fiona Hill to me on US standing in the world today. #CitizenCNN 

Jacob Blake's sister: “I’m not sad. I don’t want your pity. I want change.”

"The transcripts show patterns, revealing a display of hubris and self-pity unlike anything historians say they've seen before. By far the most recurring utterances from Trump are self-congratulations, roughly 600 of them, often predicated on falsehoods."

Biden on Trump: "He's like a child who can't believe this has happened to him. All his whining and self- pity. Well, this pandemic didn't happen to him, it happened to all of us. And his job isn't to whine about it. His job is to do something about it."

“This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear... Like failure, chaos contains information that can lead to knowledge - even wisdom.” - Toni Morrison

I pity@sarahcpr . I mean where do you even begin with a speech like that? I’m fascinated by the process.

Already hearing people whine 'I can't cope with much more of this!' because they have to sit inside watching TV. The lockdown's lasted 8 days. World War 2 lasted 5 YEARS. So man up, show some gumption, & help others rather than wallow in pathetic self-pity.