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𝐍𝐄𝐖𝐒𝐑𝐀𝐃𝐈𝐎 𝐊𝐃𝐊𝐀 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒 - NTSB arrives in East Palestine, Ohio - Pittsburgh Police investigating shooting incident - Music's biggest night is tonight...who will win at the Grammys? These stories & more ➡️:

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The derailment Friday night sent about 50 train cars off the tracks in East Palestine, about 50 miles from Pittsburgh just on the other side of the Pennsylvania border. Here’s what you should know, and what’s still unclear.

PG INVESTIGATION: For years, city leaders have called for the revitalization of Pittsburgh’s oldest and most blighted neighborhoods. But advocates on the front lines of the city’s housing crisis say the city needs to start with itself.

Meet some Pittsburgh shelter pets in need of forever families! Nellie is from @Animal_Friends , Doodle & Steve are from Washington Area Humane Society and Polly is from @OOSKittanning .

Henry J. Gailliot, Ph.D. A giant among supporters of Pittsburgh's arts

PG INVESTIGATION: The city is the largest property owner in Pittsburgh — and it may also be the most troubled. One in five homes and lots owned by the city are found with code violations that include hazardous conditions.

A homeownership forum was held in the East Hills to help increase the number of Black homeowners in the Pittsburgh area.

Although #Beyonc é will not stop in Ohio, you can catch Queen Bey in Detroit on July 26 and in Pittsburgh on August 3.

At least one person was taken to a hospital after a shooting in Pittsburgh.


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After raising employee wages to $15/hour, Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor in Pittsburgh received "well over 1,000 applications" for job openings. Co-owner Jacob Hanchar says customer service has improved and he hasn't "noticed a difference on our bottom line."

Leader of Islamic Center of Pittsburgh announces Muslim community has raised more than $70,000 for synagogue attack victims and their families. "We just want to know what you need ... If it's people outside your next service protecting you, let us know. We'll be there."

By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans.

This is the cartoon that got fired after 25 years working at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Spread it around like a lice outbreak at a pre-k.

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BLM Protesters horribly harass elderly Pittsburgh diners, scaring them with loud taunts while taking their food right off their plate. These Anarchists, not protesters, are Biden voters, but he has no control and nothing to say. Disgraceful. Never seen anything like it. Thugs!

We grieve for the Americans murdered in Pittsburgh. All of us have to fight the rise of anti-Semitism and hateful rhetoric against those who look, love, or pray differently. And we have to stop making it so easy for those who want to harm the innocent to get their hands on a gun.

All of America is in mourning over the mass murder of Jewish Americans at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. We pray for those who perished and their loved ones, and our hearts go out to the brave police officers who sustained serious injuries...

Mass murder at a Pittsburgh synagogue. A killer targeting African Americans in Kentucky. The bomb maker. The focus should not be only on Trump, but all who excuse, abet, or stand in silence while hate is stoked for political gain.

Dayton, 9 El Paso, 20 Virginia Beach, 12 Aurora, Ill., 5 Thousand Oaks, 12 Pittsburgh, 11 Annapolis, 5 Santa Fe, Tx., 10 Parkland, 17 Sutherland Springs, Tx., 26 Las Vegas, 58 Orlando, 5 Ft. Lauderdale, 5 Burlington, Wash., 5 Only the sites and numbers change; nothing else does.

Please to inform that the pittsburgh penguins'>Champion Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL will be joining me at the White House for Ceremony. Great team!