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Councilwoman Darla Bonk told colleagues that the city is taking big risks by moving slowly to sketch its future.

Chanelle Hayes plans full body lift to shed excess skin after losing 7.5 stone

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Harold Hirshman, of Piscataway, says his children have already said "thank you" this Father’s Day in the best way possible.

During a special called town council meeting, Summerville officials voted 5:1, with the absence of Councilwoman Kima Garten-Schmidt, to end its contract with Town Administrator, Rebecca Vance.

Winston-Salem councilwoman felt enormous responsibility at 9 years old to be 'change agent' for her ancestors

Councilwoman’s aide files petition to have restraining order request tossed.

3 attorneys nominated for Jefferson Circuit Court judge vacancy, including a councilwoman

Fourth District Councilwoman Shalonda Webb said she will not support the current proposal after the community that they are not in favor of the project


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FIORE WALKS OUT: Councilwoman Michele Fiore walked out of the Las Vegas City CouncilMeeting Wednesday after things got tense during the public comment portion of the meeting. #8NN 

A Nashville, Tennessee, councilwoman wants those who don’t wear face masks during the coronavirus pandemic to be charged with attempted murder.

Nashville councilwoman wants attempted murder charges for people who don't wear face mask, pass on COVID-19

??? #OnThisDay  in 2014, Brendon McCullum became the first New Zealander to score a Test triple hundred ?

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Minnesota councilwoman says citizens asking for protection from criminals should check their "privilege."

"'A,' stop killing us. 'B,' give... black people opportunities to live full, healthy lives. ... We need white people to stop perpetuating the system of racism." - Councilwoman Andrea Jenkins, who represents the community where George Floyd died.

Democrats in Colorado are calling for Trump supporters to be purposefully infected with Coronavirus. Democrat Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca endorsed the deliberate spread of Coronavirus at @realDonaldTrump  rallies. Sick. Demand her resignation. Call her office: 303-830-8242

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*UPDATE* COLORADO GOP: "There can be no room in our politics for wishing harm on Americans who have different political beliefs... The Colorado Republican Party is calling on Councilwoman CdeBaca to resign immediately.”