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Corrosion scales coating the interior of cast iron pipes are an over-looked source of toxic hexavalent chromium. #EnvChem 

Looters in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia ransacked a Walmart during the second night of protesting the shooting of an armed Black man on the city’s west side. Rioters broke pipes in the ceiling, flooding the store.

LOOK: A Chinese man, who was a former POGO employee, was apprehended with shabu, glass bongs with pipes, marijuana leaves, a gun, and pieces of ammunition in Makati City on Tuesday afternoon. | via @iamjelsantos 

"we tend to transform the lengthened networks of Westerners into systematic & global totalities. To dispel this mystery, follow the paths that allow this variation in scale; look at networks of facts & laws rather as one looks at gas lines or sewage pipes.” @AIMEproject  1991

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At the Walmart — bullets stolen and left on the ground. Water leaking from pipes after looters broke in through the ceiling @NBCPhiladelphia  officers report 11 shootings in this district alone since last night

Company from Moscow Region to supply electric-welded pipes to Italy

Another danger of today's weather is the wind chill. With wind gusts of 15-25mph (& localized stronger gusts) & temps in the upper 20s/lower 30s, it FEELS LIKE it's in the teens to lower 20s across the Borderland. Stay inside if possible & protect your pipes & pets! #nmwx  #txwx 

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Damage included busted water pipes causing about two feet of water to flood apartments. The meter box was also damaged.

*Freeze Warning* tonight for portions of southeast Arizona. Locales south and east of Tucson will see morning lows below freezing with a few spots in the Tucson Metro possibly seeing temps around freezing. Remember the Four P's: People, Pets, Plants and Pipes! #azwx 

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With freezing temps hitting the #Tucson  area, it is time to protect people, pets, plants and pipes >>

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“Will you put the ICP machines back?” Lynch asks DeJoy, wondering about the whereabouts of mail sorting machines. “No I will not,” says DeJoy, sounding and looking like an angry plumber refusing to put the pipes back in beneath the sink. #DeJoyHearing 

"These individuals carried lasers, baseball bats, explosive fireworks, metal pipes, glass bottles, accelerants, and other weapons all targeting federal facilities and federal law enforcement. And yet the city of Portland takes little to no action."

Cost of repairing Flint's water pipes: $55 million Cost of Mike Bloomberg's ad spending: $505.8 million America deserves better than an oligarch wasting his fortune trying to buy the presidency.

Tuck this feather in ur hat: Feds spent $100 mil to bomb airbase in Syria but couldn't find $55 mil to fix pipes in Flint#WhoCaresAboutKids 

As of 11:30am this morning, the criminal governor of Michigan, Rick “The TickSnyder, will no longer be governor. He & his people poisoned Flint. Then covered it up. I implore the new Dem governor Gretchen Whitmer to have him arrested—and to replace ALL the pipes in Flint ASAP.

How did we have so much money to go to war in Iraq but somehow we don't have enough to rebuild the pipes in Flint? #FlintWaterCrisis 

Bill Clinton doesn't have the old pipes, but he still knows the tune. Barack, of course, remains the whole damn symphony. Please use these voice elsewhere than funerals these days.

Interesting riff on how, while the New Deal prioritized whites, the Green New Deal would focus first on distressed people. "We fix the pipes in Flint first. We fix the electrical grid in Puerto Rico first. And we fully fund the pensions of coal miners in West Virginia."

So stoked to have @RenaLovelis  and Taka from @ONEOKROCK_japan  on stage to sing some songs with us. They got some pipes I'll tell ya.

I must keep saying this: How the HELL are we going to spend $20 bil to build the #WallOfHate  but can't find $55 mil to fix pipes in Flint?!!