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Completely objective, non-hysterical piece in the New York Times compares Trump to: Aleksandr Lukashenko Robert Mugabe Nicolas Maduro Slobodan Milosevic Matyas Rakosi Laurent Gbagbo Augusto Pinochet

Disgusting: @NYTimes  compares Trump’s ‘anti-democratic tactics’ after the election to dictators Mugabe, Pinochet

Quite an irony that even pinochet'>Dictator Augusto Pinochet was more gracious in accepting defeat in Chile in 1988 than President Donald Trump has been in the U.S. in 2020.

'Deep discontent against neoliberalism' fuelled vote against Pinochet era constitution, journo says

Chilean activist Javiera Manzi says the recent referendum, in which 78% voted to rewrite the Pinochet-era constitution, was long overdue. "What political parties of the governments of these 30 years didn’t do, the peoples did with a revolt," she says.

'Deep discontent against neoliberalism' fuelled vote against Pinochet era constitution, journo says

"Forging a new #constitution  to replace the one from the Pinochet era is necessary for #Chile  to move forward. But it alone cannot solve tough socio-economic problems plaguing the nation." CL 📜 Read the @clarincom  Analysis in English via @worldcrunch :

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Chileans poured into the country's main squares Sunday, October 25, after voters gave a ringing endorsement to a plan to tear up the country's Pinochet-era constitution in favor of a new charter drafted by citizens. (Reuters)

#BREAKING A judge has ruled that former Pinochet agent Adriana Rivas is extraditable to Chile, where she’s accused of being involved in the disappearance of seven people during the 1970s.

Chileans voted overwhelmingly to replace their military dictatorship-era constitution in a referendum. About 78% had approved the option of a fresh charter to replace one drafted in 1980 under the right-wing dictator pinochet'>Augusto Pinochet.


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'Rebirth': Chileans vote by millions to tear up Pinochet's constitution

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One day two sons and a daugnter-in-law went missing. Then her husband. Ana González, who has died at 93, never found out their fate. But she spent decades reminding the world of those who disappeared under Chile's Pinochet dictatorship.

A major American city is being softly Pinochet’ed in broad daylight.

A major American city is being softly Pinochet’ed in broad daylight. via @CharlesPPierce 

Twenty years ago I was proud to join the campaign to extradite Pinochet for his crimes against the people of Chile. Today I am in Geneva meeting Michelle Bachelet who was imprisoned and tortured by Pinochet's regime. She later became the first woman President of Chile.

Mark Weisbrot's and Jeffrey Sachs's shocking report that the US embargo on Venezuela has killed 40,000 people has almost no media pick up. No surprise; but consider the suffering, and the prospect of a Pinochet-style coup, the next time the Guardian solicits donations.

Today marked 20 years since General AugustoPinochet’s arrest in London. This copper plate is one of my most valued possessions. It was given to me on a visit to Chile in 2000 in honour of the work we did in Britain to try to extradite Pinochet.

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#Chile says NO to a tradition of neoliberal politics with roots in the dictatorship of pinochet'>Augusto Pinochet. #ChileViolatesHumanRightsV #ChileSomosTodos#SebastianPi ñeraolatesHumanRights SomosTodos

Today in history, 1973: CIA completed its coup against the democratically elected government of Chile, removing President Allende & replacing him with a military junta led by Gen. Pinochet, who ruled as dictator for 17 years. For good measure, the US lied for years about its role

Chile president-elect reveals hardline cabinet with ties to Pinochet