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The Pics I showed of me and Selena march 9 in Austin should make it clear that we were together that night and went from the venue to our Airbnb and never went to the four seasons. This is our airbnb receipt where we crashed with our friends

Keep finding great pics on my phone! Louis and liam on the set of our macys Xmas commercial for the perfume last year

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Let's take it up a notch when ur posting your pics put where ur from in e.g from Peru ... England... France... Germany... Just to list a few

Track 2. #IllShowYou  video we shot in Iceland.. more pics from the trip in the physical album

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I have a giant portrait of myself in my house made up of tiny pics of me. Lol

If u have the physical album for FOUR , send me pics of ya holding the box

Guys thank you for being patient outside ! makes it a lot easier to take pics when everyone is calm!

Love to all the fans outside! That was crazy. Post the pics so I can see them. Get ready for the show! #vienna  #BELIEVEtour 

Hey guys I know most of you have seen those pics today! Yes I've had major knee surgery , a much larger surgery than first anticipated ,

Now everyone keeps sending me pics of this doll