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Boris Johnson rejected the cabinet secretary’s advice to change his phone number amid concerns about him being contacted by people who could potentially influence policy decisions

It stinks that a billionaire businessman can text the Prime Minister and get a change of policy. This country only seems to work for people who have the personal phone numbers of the Prime Minister and Chancellor. My comments on the Today programme this morning.

FedEx cell phone policy in question after deadly mass shooting at Indianapolis facility

During Indianapolis shooting, FedEx cell phone policy meant some family members couldn’t reach workers

A FedEx spokesperson said phone access is limited to minimize distractions, a common policy in the shipping industry. One woman waiting to hear about her husband said she was told he was fine, but would not be able to talk to him until his shift was over.

@daveweigel  1) My policy is, never name a specific company *unless* it’s to compliment a person who works there or a good policy they’ve adopted. 2) Consistent w point one: The many companies that make you go through phone trees (“Press 6 to hear these options again”) earn our dislike.

@DadePhelan  ., asked if he has a relationship w @AllenWest / : "I don't ... & I've never spoken to him personally. I don't know him. " "I have an open-door policy — or an open phone-call policy — w/ anyone, but no, from Day 1 ... I have not received any phone calls from him #txlege  "

Can @NicolaSturgeon  & @MathesonMichael  please answer my urgent letter with regards to this please. Quarantine “policy” must be better than being handed a phone number for Border Control general complaints. Seems Twitter is only way to get a response.

The impeachment trial is consuming considerable oxygen in Washington, but something else critically important happened Wednesday: @PresElect Biden had a two-hour phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, the latest sign China and Asia will be the central focus for Biden foreign policy.


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That we knew Putin may have a policy to target our troops while Trump is regularly on the phone and inviting Putin back to the G7—over objection of the same allies warned about the bounties—shows a total lack of care for our people and our country. 4/4

Had a good discussion on phone today with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc of Vietnam, about how we can support each other in the fight against COVID-19. Vietnam is an important pillar of our Act East policy.

NHS Trust chief asks for Burberry's phone number because he's running out of gowns. Swab testers sent home early because no swabs to test. Face masks in public, dismissed by government weeks ago, now set to become policy. Deaths in homes not included in daily figures. #Shambles 

The Ukraine scandal is not a phone call. It's Trump spending months corrupting US foreign policy into a weapon against Biden

??? Updated camera policy for ALL BTS shows. At the request of the artists, no cameras or cell phone lens accessories will be allowed inside STAPLES Center. Photography, and video/audio recording is strictly prohibited. #BTSLoveYourselfTour 

“Get on the phone and call the people who can do something about this. I’m not talking about Congress. I’m talking about the policy makers at Fox News.” Trevor issues a call to action as Trump’s border crisis continues:

A Kurdish frontline commander in Syria asked me after President Trump’s latest tweets on the Middle East: "does he just get up every morning and come up with policy? We are totally confused. Someone should take his phone away."

. could pick up the phone and stop the separation of families seeking refuge in the US. Instead, he continues to hold thousands of kids hostage to try and get Congress to pay for his stupid wall. This is his policy, and he can stop it. #FamiliesBelongTogether 

He may not want to admit it, but the President could end his family separation policy & #KeepFamiliesTogether  right now, today, with just a phone call.

Is it just a coincidence that Russian-backed separatists escalating attacks in Ukraine after Trump-Putin phone call? What is our policy?