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Four Burlington bars have received written warnings for violating Governor Phil Scott's COVID-19 safety guidelines after community members raised concerns about large crowds over the weekend.

At his Wednesday briefing, Gov. Phil Scott announced that struggling small business owners can apply for a new wave of cash grants starting Monday.

On June 19th phil scott'>Governor Phil Scott signed an act that includes $70 million to issue emergency economic recovery grants to eligible Vermont businesses and nonprofits that have suffered because of COVID-19.

Gov. Phil Scott said he was unaware of the size of the furlough in St. Albans but said it would be another blow to the state's economy.

LIVE AT 11: Vermont Gov. Phil Scott joins state officials for a COVID-19 briefing.

LIVE AT 11: Vermont Gov. Phil Scott holds a COVID-19 briefing, where he's expected to announce the next steps in reopening.

WATCH LIVE: Gov. Phil Scott gives an update on Vermont's response to the coronavirus as the state seeks to bolster struggling businesses

WATCH NOW: As businesses in Vermont are set to operate at 50% capacity today, Gov. Phil Scott will provide an update on the state's response to the coronavirus.

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott is joining state officials for the latest COVID-19 briefing.


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People shouldn't forget that the Treasurer who handed down the Budget (18-19) introducing the Community Sport Infrastructure Grants program ... was Scott Morrison. His Chief of Staff at the time was ... Phil Gaetjens. Yep, the same Phil Gaetjens. Let that sink in. via @jommy_tee 

Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont has endorsed the impeachment inquiry against President Trump. He's the first Republican governor to do so.

Seattle city council races: 1 Lisa Herbold (Non-Amazon), Phil Tavel (Amazon) 2 Tammy Morales (Non-A), Mark Solomon (A) 3 Kshama Sawant (Non-A), Egan Orion (A) 4 Shaun Scott (Non-A), Alex Pedersen (A) 6 Dan Strauss (Non-A), Heidi Wills (A) 7 Andrew Lewis (Non-A), Jim Pugel (A)

Republican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has said he supports an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, making him the first GOP governor to do so

"Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont on Thursday endorsed the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, becoming the first Republican governor to do so."

Phil jones and Scott McTominay. The worst right-wing duo since Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson.

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BREAKING NEWS: Vermont's phil scott'>Republican Governor Phil Scott will NOT veto the bill the legislature passed to legalize abortions UP TO BIRTH! Please contact Gov. Scott and tell him to veto the bill: Phone: 802 828-3333 Tweet: @PhilScottVT  Please RT!

IT'S ALL OVER! Derby's Scott Carson saves Phil Jones' penalty and Man Utd are OUT of the #CarabaoCup  LIVE: #bbcfootball 

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