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Fuel prices hiked once again; 27th hike in rates since May 1 NDTV's Shonakshi Chakravarty reports from a petrol pump in Delhi#FuelPriceHike 

Fuel Prices Touch New Highs; Petrol Crosses ₹97/Litre Mark In Delhi NDTV’s Purva Chitnis reports Read more: #FuelPriceHike 

Fuel Prices Touch New Highs; Petrol Crosses ₹97/Litre Mark In Delhi Read more: #FuelPriceHike 

The fuel rates have been hiked for the 28th time since May 4. #PetrolDieselPriceHike  #FuelPriceHike 

Bengaluru on Friday became the third metro city in the country to see petrol price cross Rs 100 per litre mark after fuel prices were raised yet again.

With a fresh hike in fuel prices by the Oil marketing companies (OMC) on Sunday, petrol price in the national capital surpassed Rs 97 per litre mark.

Petrol crosses Rs 97 in Delhi, diesel nears Rs 88 after another price hike #Petrol 

Petrol is selling for Rs 97.22 per litre in Delhi on Sunday, up from Rs 96.93 on Saturday.

Fuel prices hiked again: Petrol crosses Rs 97 in Delhi, diesel nears Rs 88 #CommodityNews  #Outlook 

27th price hike since May 4 makes petrol costlier by ₹6.8, diesel by ₹7.2


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why not cut out the middleman and install a petrol engine?

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Petrol & diesel will become cheaper by Rs 5/litre with effect from midnight tonight. Similarly, the additional cess imposed on various liquor categories during last year, averaging around 25%, has also been withdrawn: Assam Finance Minister HimantaBiswa Sarma in state assembly

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Riot was planned. Petrol bombs & stones were used in destruction of property. Over 300 vehicles were burnt. We have suspects but can only confirm after investigation. We will do asset recovery from rioters like in Uttar Pradesh: CT Ravi, Karnataka Minister on Bengaluru violence

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Places you can "pop" 1. To the shops 2. To the loo 3. Next door 4. Out to get some petrol 5. Down the Post Office 6. To the cash point 7. Upstairs 8. Along (but you only “might” pop along, meaning you won’t)

If the government is so desperate for revenue, instead of taxing our petrol & diesel at 32 rupees a litre, couldn’t they make much more money imposing GST on the rising purchase price of MLAs?

??? ??? ????? ???? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ?????, ?????? ????? ???? ???? ??????. - Diesel: ₹ ??.?? - Petrol: ₹ 79.76 Congratulations to ??? ?????????? on their new achievement.

? Excise Duty on fuel in 2014 Diesel : ₹3.56 Petrol : ₹9.40 ? Excise Duty on fuel in 2020 Diesel : ₹31.83 Petrol : ₹ 32.98

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"Pour some petrol on the black cunt" Plus appearance of an obligatory Rangers top.

Central Government has increased excise duties by Rs 10 per litre on petrol and Rs 13 per litre on diesel. Retail sale prices of petrol and diesel will, however, not change on account of this increase in duties. These duty rate changes shall come into effect from 6th May, 2020.

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Kapil Mishra, BJP: No question is being asked to people who are talking about dividing country or those on whose terrace petrol bombs were found. But someone who only requested for road to be cleared as it was causing inconvenience to 35 lakh people is being called a terrorist.

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