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'The study looks beyond just antibodies to analyse all forms of resistance to #Covid : namely, T cells and B cells – that is, white blood cells that combat all forms of infection' - Peter Andrews

While initial reactions were white hot, many health policy makers seem to be going cold on the idea of Pfizer’s vaccine, writes Peter Andrews

'Any vaccination programme is a massive undertaking, but #COVID19  vaccines in particular have a host of additional challenges baked in' - Peter Andrews

'It only seems like the flu has disappeared because doctors and scientists have been wrongly classing other respiratory diseases as Covid.' - Peter Andrews

Sky News host Peter Gleeson says Melbourne would normally be the “centre of the universe” at this time of year, but a hotel quarantine bungle “unquestionably the fault of the Andrews Government” has put an end to that.

‘One only has to read the accounts of the families who have already lost loved ones to cancer and other diseases unnecessarily to see the consequences of the government’s playing god’ - Peter Andrews

‘The obsession with #COVID  is beginning to take its toll’ - Peter Andrews

The BCG vaccine, along with the right balance of soothing triumphalism from government ministers, could take on the role of a giant pacifier for the huddled masses, allowing them to once again breathe free - Peter Andrews

The reality is we have two pandemics to deal with, a COVID-19 pandemic that exists in the real world, and a pandemic of fear that has infected our television screens and people’s minds - Peter Andrews

'More than 7,000 top scientists and doctors have signed a declaration calling for politicians to reconsider their entire approach to #COVID  and to adopt a herd immunity strategy.' - Peter Andrews


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One of the world’s leading epidemiologists thinks the coronavirus may not actually have originated in China, with samples of #COVID19  surfacing from Spain in early 2019. The coronavirus story keeps getting stranger… - Peter Andrews

‘A new study from America indicates that people were falling ill with coronavirus-like symptoms in December 2019, but doctors at the time dismissed it as ordinary flu’. - Peter Andrews

‘A widely circulated scientific study reported that Covid-19 causes long-term heart problems. Its authors have been forced to issue major corrections after they wildly miscalculated the risk, but the damage has already been done’. - Peter Andrews

The scale of #COVID19  ‘problem’ is actually much smaller than we’ve been led to believe - Peter Andrews

‘A society obsessed with health is a sure sign of sickness. The commands coming down from on high are increasing in their absurdity. Face shields and goggles are next, but there is absolutely zero evidence that any of them work.’ - Peter Andrews

#Soybean oil, America’s most popular, causes neurological changes in the brains of mice, and may contribute to #autism , #Alzheimers  and dementia in humans By Peter Andrews

Thru much of the day, Brian Williams of NBC and Peter Jennings of ABC were very critical of Bush for not coming back to DC sooner. I don't think either one realized the security implications of landing POTUS at known locations like Andrews or the WH until we knew it was safe.

Two of best nights of my life, 3-0 at St. Andrews then 2-0 at villa park ... Ohhh peter peter peter peter peter peter enckleman xxxxxx