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Sure, Republicans could win statewide elections in Puerto Rico if it came to that. But once you’ve come to view such voters as “demographic replacement,” in Fox News parlance, people’s actual beliefs are irrelevant.

Weeks of torrential rain have caused severe flooding across #Niger . Dozens have been killed and 432,000 are without food, clean water, or housing. The #NigerRiverRiver  is overflowing, dams have burst, and water is engulfing people’s homes, farms, and property without warning.

TECO Peoples Gas is asking the Florida Public Service Commission for permission to increase base rates starting in early 2021. It's the first time the company has asked for a rate hike in 12 years.

People’s United Financial $PBCT Upgraded by Zacks Investment Research to “Hold”

A 35-year-old New Jersey man is facing numerous charges for falsely reporting seven incidents to law enforcement agencies between June and September of this year, causing officers to respond to innocent people’s homes, police say.

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Health officials in Colombia are turning to digital advertising data from mobile phones to bolster their Covid contact tracing efforts — without asking for people’s permission. @noalsilencio  @restofworldm  #TheWebThisWeekag 

At @NASDAQ  , we're proud to partner with companies working to #RewriteTomorrow  . @vitrueducation  believes in the transforming power of education in people´s lives. Today, we're thrilled to say the team is #NasdaqListed  . #VTRUIPO  $VTRU

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For the #WhoCaresWhoDoes2020  study we asked a new question: ‘Who are the people most likely to impact your behaviour regarding the environment?’. The main influencers on people’s behaviour are their children, followed by friends & partners. Discover more:

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The Christopher Columbus statue in Schenley Park is the subject of fierce debate, with historians arguing the statue should be removed due to his atrocities against indigenous peoples, while Italian-Americans view the statue as a symbol of cultural pride.

Tesla App Can Control Other People’s Cars If Wrong Vehicle Is Linked, Report Says #tesla 


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Portland, which is out of control, should finally, after almost 3 months, bring in the National Guard. The Mayor and Governor are putting people’s lives at risk. They will be held responsible. The Guard is ready to act immediately. The Courthouse is secured by Homeland!

Shawn Mendes voice makes me smile. Truly a gift to be able to move peoples emotions through songs!So proud of you brother!Great album!

People need to get less involved in other peoples shit

it’s not black peoples’ job to educate you on how to not be a fucking racist. be a fucking grown up and a decent human being and let people focus their energy on their community not on babying you. holy fuck.

Because the T.V. Ratings for the White House News Conference’s are the highest, the Opposition Party (Lamestream Media), the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats &, of course, the few remaining RINO’S, are doing everything in their power to disparage & end them. The People’s Voice!

Sup peoples ? Havin a good Christmas/new year break?

Elon Musk furloughed thousands of factory workers and ordered pay cuts. Meanwhile, he stands to take home a $700M bonus. Now, he's threatening to close his Fremont facility and take away people’s jobs unless he’s allowed to risk their health. Billionaires aren't the answer.

The Tories say the victims of Grenfell didn’t have common sense. I’ll tell you what’s common sense: Don’t put flammable cladding on people’s homes. Don’t close fire stations and don't cut fire fighters. And don’t ignore residents when they tell you their home is a death trap.

holy sh1t thank you for winning us the peoples choice awards for favorite breakout. you're all my favorite breakout. kinda sorta yup