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Be A King
we cant deny that only racism amp white supremacy would label an ungrateful thug while defending a desire to s
We can’t deny that only racism & white supremacy would label #ColinKaepernick an “ungrateful thug,” while defending #RoyMoore. A desire to see ‘Whiteness’ prevail causes many to excuse violations by White people, while vilifying Black people, culture & activism at the same time.
$asha Banks
i cannot thank everyone in dubai for the amazing time ive experienced over the last couple of days the people
I cannot thank everyone in Dubai for the amazing time I’ve experienced over the last couple of days. The people, culture, the AMAZING athletes. I’m so excited for everyone to participate in the 2019 World Games in the UAE. So many memories, my heart is full!
Anupam Kher
it was such a pleasure to meet the canadian prime minister amp his family what a charming amp great conversati
It was such a pleasure to meet the Canadian Prime Minister & his family. What a charming & great conversationalist he is. Talked about people, culture and of course cinema.:) #Canada #India #lndianCinema #BendItLikeBeckham #SilverLiningsPlaybook
PMO India
always had admiration for your country people culture heritage and traditions potus to pm narendramodi
Always had admiration for your country, people, culture, heritage and traditions: @POTUS to PM @narendramodi
@domlyf 6 years
amisgreat would be great because i m in love with ldn people culture music life aeromexicocom ukinmexico
#AMisGREAT Would be GREAT because I'm in love with ldn. #people #culture #music #life @AeroMexico_com @UKinMexico
Red Nation Rising
nationalism people who advocate political independence for a country placing emphasis on promoting its people
NATIONALISM - people who advocate political independence for a country, placing emphasis on promoting its people, culture, tradition and interests.

GLOBALISM - group of super rich elite who plan economic and foreign policy for their own self-interest, wealth and gain.
MarQuis Trill | Mark
america is a use country america will use peopleculturefood knowledge amp resources claim it for itself amp tr
America is a use country. America will use people,culture,food, knowledge & resources. Claim it for itself & treat you like you don't belong
The Telegraph
join us live as prince harry and his fiancee meghan markle visit cardiff to celebrate the people culture and h
Join us LIVE as Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle visit Cardiff to celebrate the people, culture and heritage of Wales
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