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The world is going through its BIGGEST RECALIBARISATION moment. It's an equaliser where INDIA can grab the opportunity by focusing on its core strengths - people, culture and hard work ethics. You can read my views in more detail here: .

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The city is treating the mural as a conversation starter meant to honor Indigenous people's culture in Mankato.

@courtneymilan  I also think a lot of white people culture - I’m thinking WASP society and Minnesota Nice - actively discourages discussing anything that makes anyone uncomfortable. It’s something that I actively have to work against.

In a blatant assault on the Tibetan people's culture and religion, Chinese authorities are forcibly taking down prayer flags.

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@sarah4nabj : Capitalizing the “B” in Black should become standard use to describe people, culture, art and communities.

A kaleidoscopic show organized by fashion designer Duro Olowu looks at the people, culture, and art of Chicago. See it here:

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The House is aware that our priority is to ensure security and safety of the people: Culture and Tourism Prahlad Singh Patel #Coronavirus 

Four-time premiership star and AFL indigenous games record holder @ShaunBurgoyne9  gives a fascinating talk on indigenous people, culture and issues in @TheTiserSport 's new ‘Black Australia’ podcast. LISTEN NOW. Story via @reecehomfray 

Closet Jihadi: We need a liberal society. Fed up of bigots. Enthu Liberal: Yes, yes. Let me spit on my faith, people, culture. Then can criticise yours? CJ: This your liberalism, dude? You can’t even tolerate my bigotry? How Islamophobic. EL: Oops. Sorry.


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Beelzebub Bozo Kanye Claims God Rewarded Him With $68 Million Tax Refund For Rediscovering Religion, Clownly Calls Black People 'Culture-less' (Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

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I’m not a ‘religious’ person. But I want Ram Mandir to be rebuilt in Ayodhya because none should EVER think they can raid, rape, pillage my land, people, culture and civilisation again and get away with it. It’s a simple wish. #AYODHYAVERDICT  #AyodhyaCase  #AyodhyaJudgment 

I cannot thank everyone in Dubai for the amazing time I’ve experienced over the last couple of days. The people, culture, the AMAZING athletes. I’m so excited for everyone to participate in the 2019 World Games in the UAE. So many memories, my heart is full!

What's responsible for mass shootings, according to conservatives: ✅Copycats ✅Video games ✅Doors ✅Ritalin ✅Movies ✅Abortion ✅Divorce ✅Not enough God ✅Trench coats ✅Creepy people ✅Culture of violence ✅PC culture ✅Common core What's not: ❌Guns

Here's what conservatives blame for mass shootings instead of guns: Copycats Video games Doors Ritalin Movies Abortion Divorce Not enough God Trench coats Creepy people Culture of violence PC culture Common core

It was such a pleasure to meet the Canadian Prime Minister & his family. What a charming & great conversationalist he is. Talked about people, culture and of course cinema.:) #Canada  #India  #lndianCinema  #BendItLikeBeckham  #SilverLiningsPlaybook 

We can’t deny that only racism & white supremacy would label #ColinKaepernick  an “ungrateful thug,” while defending #RoyMoore . A desire to see ‘Whiteness’ prevail causes many to excuse violations by White people, while vilifying Black people, culture & activism at the same time.

Always had admiration for your country, people, culture, heritage and traditions: @POTUS  to PM @narendramodi 

#AMisGREAT Would be GREAT because I'm in love with ldn. #people  #culture  #music  #life  @AeroMexico_com  @UKinMexico 

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