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Hello to all our new viewers who've encountered our 2019 segment on voting machines through conservative media using it to push Trump's voter-fraud claims! First: sorry we swear so much! But second: the way people are using that segment is horseshit!

This idea that liberals are all ‘libtards’ and conservatives are all ‘nazis’ is unnecessarily unconstructive as well as utter horseshit. Most people have legitimate reasons for their perspective of the world and it would do us all good to be more understanding of each other.

QAnon is nothing but warmed-over white supremacist bullshit. Adrenochrome = blood libel. Deep state and elites working against the USA = Jewish people. That's all it ever was, the same paranoid LaRouchian horseshit. But they are being nudged into ultraviolence. This will pick up

But I always bring citations. Here's Navarro's weak ass excuse for his "alter ego," who claims China expertise and spouts vile racist horseshit. And people fell for this! These terrible, bullshit, un-researched books gave him academic chops!

So you think this insane, divisive, unAmerican horseshit gives you capital with your terrorist cult leader, and some truly stupid supporters, @LouieGohmertTX1  ? Now all eyes on you for a MINUTE, none of them positive. Try representing people in trouble for a change, asshole

@ritholtz  @DylanRatiganPure  horseshit. Masks are worthless or harmful without assiduously following procedure, which ordinary people do not understand nor will they be able to comply. YOU'RE A TOOL AND A DAMNABLE, DANGEROUS PIECE OF SHIT POLITICIZING THIS VIRUS.

People seem to think I want them to lose $, nope, I want everyone making as much $ as possible, but penny stocks get a bad rep due to promoters getting victims to buy + hold "quality" companies when that's total horseshit so I'll never stop teaching how this niche ACTUALLY works!

The horrific racism of publishing is why American culture is so painfully dumb. All those mediocre whites people deciding a nation must only read...mediocre white people...discussing horseshit that’d make a six year old cringe in mental pain


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I mean…it’s well established Trump is a f*cking idiot but what psychic hold does he have over people that they don’t tell him that he speaks absolute horseshit nearly all of the time?

“If you abolish the EC people in rural areas will be overruled by people in cities.” Yes, that’s how one person/one vote works. You’re also arguing that laws should favor where most of the voters DON’T live, and that is some self-serving non-democratic horseshit right there.

I’ll clarify my “news” Comment before it becomes a blshit story. The current climate is that everything is bad. And a lot of it is. But there are so many beautiful people in this country who don’t subscribe to any of this horseshit. We all get along. We believe in decency.

It's almost hilarious how flustered becomes when reporter pushes back against his folksy flaming horsesh*t with actual history. Sorry, Mitch, not everyone is as uninformed as the people you're used to talking to.

"Why has Q eaten the Trump-right's minds? Why does it work on them when it's so obviously, evidently a gigantic pyramid of digital horseshit? It works because stupid people are stupid."

Britain has free primary and secondary education, universally available tertiary, free public libraries and universal internet access and people still choose to buy social darwinian horseshit without a simple, easy fact check...

This is horseshit from spoiled rich people at the direct expense of disabled riders. I run a business headquartered on this block & we want accessible transit for everyone, and less bullshit use of “terrorism” as a ruse for the wealthy to bully people.