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NSA moves forward with hiring Trump loyalist Ellis after Pentagon chief orders he be installed as general counsel. It will be tough for Biden to fire him. But not to reassign him to a less important position. W @nytmike 

More on Ellis at NSA. Trump met with Pentagon Acting chief Miller on Friday, ahead of order to install him by Saturday. W @EricSchmittNYT  & @nytmike 

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer has been criticized for comparing the presence of national guard troops in DC to “war zones.” Former Pentagon adviser Jasmine el-Gamal told @washingtonpost  the comments are “degrading to people who have actually lived through war and foreign occupation.”

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Military rejects Trump: As #IMPOTUSx2  leaves office in disgrace, Pentagon refuses Cadet Bone Spurs his last opportunity to use the military as a political prop.

@johnismay  @cjchiversThey  also bombed the Amiriyah shelter in Baghdad, killing more than 400 civilians. Pentagon & MoD in London claimed it was a command centre. It wasn’t. I was there, had a good look round unsupervised over several days and saw the bodies.

Pentagon refuses Trump request for military-style farewell parade to accompany his White House departure

Pentagon confirms it will not hold traditional farewell ceremony for Trump as president vies for military-style parade: reports

Pentagon REJECTS President's request for huge military-style farewell parade

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In taking charge of a Pentagon battered by leadership churn, the Biden administration will look to one holdover as a source of military continuity.

In taking charge of a Pentagon battered by leadership churn, the Biden administration will look to one holdover as a source of military continuity: Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


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Pentagon declassifies three previously leaked top secret U.S. Navy videos of "unexplained aerial phenomena"—and that some believe could show UFOs.

Can I let you in on a secret? We have the money to extend unemployment benefits and send the American people $1,200 direct payments. The Pentagon spends $2,000,000,000 a day.

Reminder to those saying withdrawing troops may cause a “clash” with Generals/Pentagon: there is only one Commander in Chief, it is ⁦⁦⁦ @realDonaldTrump ⁩ and when he orders the troops out of Afghanistan, the only proper answer is “Yes sir.”

I am very pleased @realDonaldTrump  asked my friend Col. Doug Macgregor to help quickly end the war in Afghanistan. This and other picks for Pentagon are about getting the right people who will finally help him stop our endless wars.

A proposal by Pentagon officials to slash Military Healthcare by $2.2 billion dollars has been firmly and totally rejected by me. We will do nothing to hurt our great Military professionals & heroes as long as I am your President. Thank you!

The GOP including $0 for the USPS, $0 for our elections, and $21,300,000,000 for the Pentagon in a COVID relief bill is the real looting in America.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but including another $21,300,000,000 for the Pentagon in a bill that refuses to extend extra unemployment benefits for 25,000,000 people is the real looting in America.

The Senate Republican plan: - $29,400,000,000 for the Pentagon - $0 for hazard pay - $0 for nutrition assistance - $0 for the uninsured/under-insured - $0 for the Postal Service - $0 for state and local governments - 100% deduction for three-martini CEO lunches What a disaster.

Sad but not surprising. The Senate GOP chose to let $600 a week in unemployment benefits expire for 30 million Americans, but had no problem giving the Pentagon another $740 billion. We need new national priorities. Let's stand with workers, not the Military Industrial Complex.

Two shocking facts of this administration's failures to lead on COVID: 1. The Pentagon offered HHS 2,000 ventilators but haven't been told where to send them 2. The DOD offered 16 labs for processing tests two weeks ago, still not in use